These "rushing to hot search" emergency rescues make this holiday a little warm.

  This May Day holiday, a doctor "rushed to the hot search". He is Dr. Zhao Yipin from Zhoukou Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Henan Province.

  On May 3rd, in Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, Luoyang, Henan Province, an old man suddenly fainted during the tour. Dr. Zhao not only stepped forward to rescue him, but also silently guarded him until he regained consciousness. Later, Dr. Zhao also received an unexpected "gift".

  Doctors save people during their tour and get free tickets for life in the scenic spot.

  At about 13: 30 on May 3, someone suddenly called for help in the crowd visiting Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, saying that someone had fainted. Just as the crowd was a little flustered, a tourist quickly went forward to check on the old man.

  It turned out that the tourist’s name was Zhao Yipin and he was a doctor. After preliminarily judging the vital signs, he quickly cleaned up the food residue in the mouth for the elderly, kept the respiratory tract unobstructed and in a suitable position, and stayed with the elderly until she regained consciousness. At present, the elderly are in good health.

  After the incident, after learning of Dr. Zhao’s kindness, the scenic spot quickly found him, exempting him from all the expenses of sightseeing and accommodation in Baiyun Mountain, and enjoying free tickets for life.

  Emergency treatment of female sudden pulmonary embolism by doctors

  At 9 o’clock in the morning of April 30, at the physical examination center of Shangqiu Central Hospital, a woman suddenly felt unwell. Duan Jing, a doctor on the way to the consultation, was hurriedly called by the nurse.

  Duan Jing, Doctor of Physical Examination Center of Shangqiu Central Hospital:She said she wasn’t feeling well and wanted to go to the bathroom. I said, let’s go together with you. When she walked to the glass door, she suddenly fainted. I didn’t feel the pulse at that time, so I thought I had to have CPR for the first time.

  Duan Jing helped the woman do an emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but the woman’s teeth were clenched and she didn’t feel anything.

  At this time, the emergency doctor on duty also came to the rescue. A few minutes later, with the help of many medical staff and enthusiastic citizens, the woman was pushed into the emergency room. After examination, it was learned that the woman was suffering from severe acute pulmonary embolism.

  Wei Bing, Emergency Doctor of Shangqiu Central Hospital:The mortality rate of pulmonary embolism is 45%. She (patient) is now suffering from acute myocardial infarction, and the mortality rate is more than ten times. Especially her massive pulmonary embolism, if not treated in time, there will be no life in ten to twenty minutes.

  Emergency doctor of Shangqiu Central Hospital Shi ZhenkaiThe chest compressions (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) done at the first time won valuable time for the patients.

  At present, the woman’s vital signs have returned to normal and she is receiving further observation and treatment in the hospital.

  The elderly station suddenly became ill, and the police drove to the hospital urgently.

  At about 2 pm on May 3, the police station in Beidaihe Station, Hebei Province received a passenger’s request for help. A 70-year-old man suffered a heart attack and collapsed in the waiting room seat, hoping that the police would help him.

  Police:Did you take your medicine? Do you have any medicine? Pills or something.

  Family members of the elderly:I ate it.

  Police:Just a moment, we are contacting (the hospital).

  Old man:Thank you.

  Police:Don’t worry, our car will pick you up and take you to the hospital.

  Old man:Oh, thank you so much.

  Police:Now you just talk less, don’t talk, don’t worry.

  In order to gain medical treatment time, after obtaining the consent of the elderly and their families, the police used police cars to send the elderly to the hospital for treatment. Due to timely treatment, the elderly are now in good health.

  Peng Zhiqiang, a policeman from Beidaihe Station Police Station:Passengers who have a special medical history or are physically unfit for long-distance travel are advised to travel with their relatives and friends when taking the train, and at the same time, take the commonly used essential medicines with them. In case of emergency, please contact the railway staff and the police for help in time.