In terms of price, Sina quoted in May that BYD Qin PLUS DM-i had 111,800 new cars nationwide.

Many consumers think that the cost of buying a car plus the cost of maintaining a car every year is really a lot of money, but now taxi software is so popular that it is convenient and cheap to take a car, and it is not practical to buy a car. However, in bad weather such as cold or hot, carrying a heavy shopping bag or dragging a huge suitcase, or when the driver is in an emergency, he will feel the pain of waiting. Although cars are consumables, and even the rate of preservation is not high, there is no denying that owning a car of your own can really bring great convenience to life, such as going to go on road trip.

Today, we will take a look at the new car BYD Qin PLUS DM-i, including the design, rough interior, high and low performance, etc. Presumably, small owners have dived into major forums and dug countless evaluation videos, so there is no need to go into details in small series. Now, our focus is on the transaction price, discount, sales volume and value preservation of Qin PLUS DM-i, so as to help small owners who are basically targeting and waiting for the opportunity to start more comprehensively.

BYD Qin PLUS DM-i achieved a maximum discount of 95,900% on the transaction price in the past month, with the highest cash drop of RMB 4,800, and the national sales of new cars starting from RMB 125,900. The point price is for reference only, and the actual transaction price is subject to the local dealer.

The figure below shows the sales data of BYD Qin Plus DM-I. The national sales volume in the last month was 13,443 vehicles. I wonder if BYD is still satisfied with this achievement. Most people will follow the sales volume when buying a car, which is the main basis for most people to judge whether a car is good or not without in-depth understanding of a car. Although it is not accurate, it is not groundless, but if you have higher requirements for car selection, you need to make more efforts to fully understand it.

When we buy a car, we will pay attention to all aspects of this model in advance, especially the posts and word-of-mouth posted by car owners in major forums and vertical websites. Apart from the navy, there are still some car owners’ real car experience that is worth learning. Let’s take a look at the word-of-mouth score of BYD Qin plus DM-I. The comprehensive score of BYD Qin PLUS DM-i is 4.75, and the result is not bad, so BYD Qin PLUS DM-i can be considered.

If you have seen the above, you still have doubts about whether BYD Qin PLUS DM-i is worth buying, then you can also look at the performance of competing products of BYD Qin Plus DM-I. Among the following competing products, the Roewe ei6 MAX sold the most last month, with 662 cars. There is always one car for you.

If the price of Qin PLUS DM-i is suitable recently, then friends will hurry! Linkage promotion in many places across the country, and there are even more discount models as low as 30%.

Xinyang Volvo XC90 is on sale! The latest offer is 467,000 yuan, which is very beneficial today.

According to the news of car home Xinyang preferential promotion channel, preferential promotion activities are being carried out in Xinyang area. The minimum starting price of this luxury SUV is 467,000 yuan, and the maximum discount amount reaches 179,900 yuan. If you are interested in this model, you may wish to click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount.

Volvo XC90 is a luxury SUV, and its design is full of strength and modernity. The front face adopts Volvo family-style design language, and the air intake grille adopts a unique straight waterfall design, which shows the unique charm of the brand. The body lines are smooth, and the overall style is simple and atmospheric, which makes people recognize that this is Volvo’s work at a glance. At the same time, XC90 is also equipped with a series of high-end configurations, such as LED headlights and unique taillight design, which makes it more conspicuous when driving at night. In addition, the XC90 also adopts a unique body color and wheel hub design, which makes it more eye-catching in appearance. In a word, the design of Volvo XC90 is full of Nordic style, which is both simple and luxurious and impressive.

Volvo XC90 is a luxury SUV, with a length, width and height of 4953*1958*1778mm and a wheelbase of 2984mm, with smooth body lines and stable overall shape. The specifications of the front and rear wheels are both 275/45 R20, and the tire width is larger, which can provide better grip and stability. The lines on the side of the car are simple and smooth, showing the unique design style of luxury brands.

The interior design of Volvo XC90 is full of Nordic style, simple and generous, with attention to detail and comfort. The steering wheel is made of leather, which supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth, so that drivers can easily find the driving posture that suits them. The 9-inch central control screen has a large size, supports voice recognition control system, and can control functions such as multimedia system, navigation, telephone and air conditioning. The front seat is made of leather, which supports front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment and lumbar support, providing a comfortable riding experience. The co-pilot seat also supports a variety of adjustment methods, including front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment and lumbar support. The front seats are also equipped with heating function, so that drivers can enjoy a comfortable driving experience in cold weather. The rear seats can be tilted in proportion to provide more storage space. In addition, the front and rear rows are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for passengers to charge. Generally speaking, the interior design of Volvo XC90 is very user-friendly, providing many comfortable and convenient configurations, so that drivers and passengers can feel more comfortable driving experience during the journey.

Volvo XC90 is equipped with a 2.0T 250 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 184 kW and a maximum torque of 350 N m.. The car is equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission, which can provide a smooth shifting experience and meet the needs of daily driving. This engine performs well when accelerating, and also has good fuel economy performance, which brings more comfortable driving experience to drivers.

The design of Volvo XC90 has always been one of its highly praised highlights, which has also been confirmed in the evaluation. He/she said that he/she was "absolutely satisfied" with the appearance of XC90, especially the iconic Raytheon Hammer, low-key blue and overall streamlined design, which was very fashionable. In fact, the design of XC90 has always been full of Nordic style and simple aesthetic feeling, and at the same time, it incorporates modern design elements, making people recognize its unique style at a glance. No matter from the details to the whole, the Volvo XC90 shows the exquisite design and care, which brings incomparable driving pleasure and experience to the owners. Therefore, if you are also interested in a luxury SUV with both fashion and personality, Volvo XC90 is undoubtedly a good choice.

230,000-280,000 Yuan BYD Han released the domestic pre-sale price.

  On May 19th, the "Global Super Safe Smart New Energy Flagship Car" released the domestic pre-sale price, including three EV models and one DM model. After the national comprehensive subsidy, the pre-sale price of the luxury version of Han EV is 240,000 yuan, the pre-sale price of the distinguished version of Han EV is 260,000 yuan, and the pre-sale price of the flagship version of Han EV four-wheel drive high-performance version is 280,000 yuan; Han DM four-wheel drive performance version of the luxury pre-sale price of 230 thousand yuan. The cruising range of the luxury and distinguished NEDC of the Han EV long battery life version is 605 kilometers, and the cruising range of the high-performance flagship NEDC of the Han EV four-wheel drive is 550 kilometers.

  On May 13th, BYD announced the launch of Han EV in Europe. The estimated price range in Europe is 45,000-55,000 euros (equivalent to about 346,000-423,000 yuan). On the whole, Han’s domestic pre-sale price far exceeds the industry and market expectations, which brings great surprises and is bound to have a far-reaching impact on the large and medium-sized new energy luxury car market. Of course, the pre-sale of such a heavy model is indispensable: before May 31, scan BYD e to buy small program code and deliver 99 yuan’s intention money online, so you can participate in the activity of doubling Difenhui points; Before May 31st, the authorized dealer of Han model can pay a deposit of 10,000 yuan and enjoy a gift of 60,000 yuan for science and technology. The above two rights can be enjoyed at the same time.

  Set up three benchmarks, and Han’s strength is in a comprehensive and balanced lead.

  Among the new energy vehicles that have been and will be listed in 2020, Han, as a brand-new masterpiece for the medium and large luxury car market, undoubtedly has the most flagship temperament and strength. Based on the product development concept of "all-round, balanced and leading, life-cycle safety", Hanji integrates the world’s leading hard-core technology, and its superior product strength sets a benchmark for the safety, performance and luxury of new energy cars.

  Han is the world’s first production car with blade batteries, and the battery safety performance has been doubled. Compared with ternary lithium battery pack, the leading performance of blade battery in safety has been unanimously recognized by the industry. More reasonable body structure design, load transmission path, selection of environmental protection materials in the car and safety configuration far beyond the same level products make Han the safest new energy vehicle on the market at present.

  Han is equipped with a blade battery with high volume energy density. Combined with the comprehensive optimization of high-speed energy consumption, braking feedback, temperature control in the car and other scenes, the cruising range of NEDC can be as high as 605 kilometers. In addition, Han has also created a real long battery life closer to the real car scene and a fast charging ability of 10 minutes and 135 kilometers. In addition, 3.9 seconds to accelerate the breaking of 100 meters, 32.8 meters of the world’s shortest new energy vehicle braking distance of 100 kilometers and other powerful performance, creating an amazing performance benchmark for new energy vehicles.

  The Dragon Face design language adopted by Han combines the dragon element with the efficacy aesthetics, and the curved surface design of the front face, the D-pillar slip back line and the through taillight design set off the luxury temperament of medium and large cars. The driving space in the car is centered on the large-size floating central control panel, and the multi-function steering wheel, full LCD instrument panel, air conditioning outlet and speakers are unfolded in a zigzag layout on both sides, showing the connotation of Chinese luxury.

  Han’s intelligence is also refreshing. DiLink3.0 system provides multi-theme and personalized human-computer interaction interface, and builds a luxurious and intelligent S-class flagship driving space through the seamless combination of voice and screen. At the same time, Han launched the DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, which includes the rich DiDAS driving assistance technology and the unique DiTrainer coaching mode. DiDAS includes APA full-scene automatic parking function, and DiTrainer coaching mode can selectively turn on auxiliary driving function according to driving behavior, road conditions, weather and even driving age.

  Facing three scenarios, Han knows more about new energy vehicle users.

  Han’s target population knows how to choose a high-quality new energy vehicle, and also has high standards and strict requirements for daily car scenes. Han also knows more about the real needs of consumers of new energy vehicles. Taking battery life as an example, Han EV not only has a cruising range of 605 kilometers, but also strengthens real scenes such as high speed, traffic jam and air conditioning, creating a real battery life beyond the working conditions for users.

  First of all, high-speed road conditions, 70% of the resistance comes from wind resistance, Han ultra-low wind resistance coefficient can greatly reduce high-speed energy consumption, so that the heart will no longer "jump together" with electricity. Second, the city is congested with road conditions. Han is equipped with the world’s most efficient IPB energy recovery system, which can recover 10% more braking energy and "feed back" the battery life. The third is the temperature control in the car. Han maintains excellent air tightness in the car through three seals of the whole car, which can keep warm in winter and summer, effectively reducing the frequency of air conditioning; At the same time, Han adopts Fuyao’s double-layer silver-plated windshield, which can reflect 40% of the heat outside the car. In summer, the heating speed inside the car is much better than that of ordinary models, saving power consumption again and increasing the battery life.

  Every time a new car comes out of BYD dynasty series, its reputation will go up to a higher level. As the flagship of the dynasty, Han will play the same role, bringing users a higher quality experience. What surprises will Han bring after the pre-sale price is announced? Let’s look forward to it.

Question: M9 will be listed in December. Huawei’s automobile concept broke out, and the industrial chain Nuggets were just then.

  In the early morning of October 9,The concept has risen sharply. As of press time,Waiting for the 5-share daily limit, Yoshioka Precision,Waiting for the top increase.

  In the news, on October 6th, the daily order volume of the new M7 in the world exceeded 7,000 units. According to Yu Chengdong, the chairman of BU, from September 12th to October 6th, the cumulative order for this car exceeded 50,000 units. In addition, at the new product launch conference of Huawei’s autumn scene held on September 25th, it was confirmed that the M9 will be officially launched in December 2023.

  It is pointed out that Huawei is behind the hot sale of the new M7.The effect of the strategic layout of the automobile industry has been continuously verified intuitively. The new M7 in Wenjie has been upgraded in many aspects, such as HarmonyOS cockpit 3.0, Huawei ADS2.0 and high-standard active and passive safety systems, while the starting price has been reduced, and the product strength and cost performance have been significantly improved. With the market recognition of Huawei’s self-driving car model, investment opportunities in the industrial chain are expected to emerge continuously, and Huawei’s smart cabin and smart driving fields will fully benefit.

  Previously, it was pointed out that in addition to M7, M9 also appeared in the 375th batch of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently."in. "With the continuous release of M7 orders and the expectation that the new model M9 will be launched soon, we will focus on the opportunities of Huawei’s automobile industry chain."

On December 17th, BYD "Qin" went public.

  On the evening of December 17, 2013, BYD’s new plug-in hybrid vehicle Qin was officially released in Beijing. The new car is available in flagship and distinguished models, with a minimum price of 189,800 yuan. As a vehicle driven by gasoline engine and battery, BYD-Qin hybrid mode has an acceleration time of 5.9 seconds, a top speed of 185 km/h and a comprehensive fuel consumption of 1.6L.

  Before the press conference, BYD also organized Qin’s track test activities, in which Qin’s best performance in 0-200 km acceleration was only 7.82 seconds.

  Qin continued the design of the previous concept car, which was bolder and sharper in the body lines, and chrome-plated decoration was added on both sides of the front bumper. The headlight group was equipped with LED daytime running lights and headlights with adjustable lenses. In addition, an oval fog lamp is added to the inside of the bumper. The taillight group is also very novel. In addition to the brand and model identification, there are special signs indicating the identity of its dual-mode electric vehicle.

  In terms of body size, the length/width/height of the car is 4740*1770*1480mm and the wheelbase is 2670mm, which is similar to BYD’s sharp figure.

  BYD Qin’s configuration is very high, and it comes standard with remote driving function. It also adds cloud service, which can realize remote control of vehicles through 3G signals. There are also panoramic images, seat ventilation+heating and even seat memory configurations. In terms of safety, Qin is equipped with 12 airbags in addition to active safety devices such as brake priority system (BOS), ABS+EBD, ESP and tire pressure detection system.

  Qin adopted BYD’s DM parallel mode dual-mode hybrid system, which can be driven by pure electric or gasoline+electric mode.

  The new car is equipped with a 1.5L in-cylinder direct injection+turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 113kw and a maximum torque of 240 N m. In addition, there is a motor with a rated power of 40kW and a maximum power of 110kW to match it. BYD Qin adopted a self-developed 6-speed DCT dual-clutch automatic gearbox in the transmission system.

  In addition, BYD also provides a six-year or 150,000-kilometer long warranty for the whole vehicle and a lifetime free warranty for batteries. The sincere after-sales service policy provides another reason for consumers to choose BYD Qin.

  BYD Qin, which was originally planned to die a month ago, was postponed to this day to cooperate with the introduction of new energy policy. According to the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles, the purchase of BYD Qin will enjoy 35,000 yuan of state subsidies and different degrees of local subsidies. It is estimated that the actual price of "Qin" will be less than 150,000 yuan in most cities. When buying BYD in Shenzhen, the lowest price after enjoying the subsidy is only 119,800 yuan.

Shaoxing Volvo V60 hot promotion! The highest discount is 36,700, and the car is sufficient.

In the preferential promotion channel in Shaoxing, car home, we are very happy to announce that preferential promotion activities are under way! As a luxury car loved by consumers, the price of Volvo V60 in Shaoxing area is now more close to the people. The lowest starting price is 315,800, and the highest discount is 36,700. If you want to know more about the discount, click "Check the car price" in the quotation form!

Volvo V60 is a luxury medium-sized station wagon, with a simple design and a sense of power. The front face adopts the iconic Volvo family design, and the straight waterfall air intake grille and large chrome trim are very eye-catching. The body lines are smooth, and the sides are designed with double waistlines, which highlights the sense of movement and movement. The rear design is simple, and the taillights are made of LED strip, which is recognizable after lighting. The overall style is elegant and noble, which shows the unique design style and high-quality manufacturing technology of Volvo brand.

Volvo V60 is a medium-sized station wagon with a length of 4778mm, a width of 1850mm, a height of 1437mm and a wheelbase of 2872 mm.. The body lines are smooth and unique, especially the side line design, which is more slender and shows elegant temperament. Tyre size is 235/45 R18, and the rim style is fashionable and atmospheric, which makes the whole vehicle more sporty. The specific parameters of the rear tread (mm) and the front tread (mm) are not provided.

The interior design of Volvo V60 is simple and atmospheric, and the overall style is mainly Nordic style. The steering wheel is made of leather, which supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth, and feels comfortable. The central control screen has a size of 9 inches, supports voice recognition control system, and can control multimedia, navigation and telephone functions. There are two USB/Type-C interfaces in the front row and the back row, which is convenient for charging and connecting devices. The seats are made of leather, and the front and rear seats, backrest, height, leg rest and lumbar support can be adjusted. The front seats also support heating and electric memory functions. The rear seats can be laid down in proportion, which increases the flexibility of space. Generally speaking, Volvo V60 is a medium-sized vehicle worthy of consideration because of its rich interior configuration, comfort and practicality.

Volvo V60 is equipped with a 2.0T 250 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 184 kW and a maximum torque of 350 N m.. The car uses an 8-speed automatic transmission, which can provide a smooth shifting experience. The high performance of the engine and the intelligent design of the gearbox enable drivers to enjoy a more comfortable and stable driving experience. In addition, Volvo V60 is equipped with advanced safety technology and luxury configuration, which brings a safer and more comfortable driving experience for drivers and passengers.

In this article about the price reduction promotion of Volvo V60, we have introduced various features and advantages of this model. It has impressive design, spacious and comfortable interior space, excellent safety performance and powerful power system. Now, we are pleased to announce that we are offering special promotions so that you can buy this excellent model at a more affordable price. If you are interested in Volvo V60, now is an excellent time. Don’t miss this rare opportunity. Go to our dealer now to learn more details and enjoy this offer!

Ideal launch L9 product experience promotion plan to improve the experience.


  With the delivery of Ideal L9 (Parameter | Inquiry), Ideal Official has recently received a lot of feedback about the product experience. A few days ago, LI officially released the ideal L9 product experience improvement plan, including three-screen simulcast, three-screen simulcast, mobile App car control authority and other functions, all of which are planned to be realized through the next OTA upgrade and the fourth quarter.

LI 2022 Ideal L9

  1. Three-screen simultaneous playback and three-screen simultaneous projection function

  When many people watch videos and play games in the car, the "interoperability" of the three screens is very important. This requires two new functions to support: three screens play the same video or three screens project at the same time.

  In the fourth quarter, three-screen simulcast and three-screen simulcast will be realized through OTA. Iqiyi will be the first application to support three-screen simulcast, and other video applications will follow. At that time, no matter in the front row or the back row, everyone can enjoy watching videos and playing games.

Ideality L9

  In order to better enhance the screen projection experience, we will also launch "Double Type-C Direct Projection Line" and "HDMI to Type-C Direct Projection Line" in the official mall, which is compatible with more game consoles, mobile phones or tablets. It is expected to go online on September 25th.

Ideality L9

  2. Problems of three-screen scanning code login application

  At present, the relationship between the three screens in the L9 car is equivalent to the three tablets we use at home, and the applications in each screen need to scan the code separately to log in. For users who have just picked up the car, it is really cumbersome. In order to solve this problem, we have a preliminary solution at present, and some applications can complete the login of three-screen applications in the same screen in the fourth quarter.

Ideality L9

  3. The sharing function of the car control authority of the mobile App.

  When many people want to use the same car, everyone needs a "mobile phone key", but privacy and convenience need to be taken into account at the same time. At present, we have formed a preliminary plan internally and plan to OTA in the fourth quarter.

  4. Small refrigerator experience improvement

  L9′ s mini refrigerator can only be opened in the second row, but we found that the driver and passenger also have the need to use the mini refrigerator. In the parking scene, when people sitting in one row reach for the small refrigerator in the second row to get drinks, the cooling or heating mode may change due to accidental touch.

Ideality L9

  In order to solve this problem, in the fourth quarter, we will increase the switch of small refrigerator door in the central control panel. At the same time, the continuous working function of the small refrigerator after leaving the car will become a long-term setting item, which can keep the small refrigerator working after locking the car only once.

  5. Air conditioning logic optimization

  In order to make the automatic air-conditioning function meet more people’s car habits, the automatic air-conditioning function of L9 provides "five automatic grades", with the first gear being the weakest and the fifth gear being the strongest.

  In the current logic, after the "automatic mode" is selected in the screen, the "automatic 1st gear" is entered by default, so when the car is very hot, everyone will feel that the cooling is not fast enough. In the next OTA, we will optimize it to "Automatic 3rd gear" by default after selecting the automatic mode, which is also the most comfortable air volume level, taking into account the cooling/heating speed.

Ideality L9

  In the remote air conditioning function, the remote air conditioner will be changed to "automatic 5th gear" by default to realize rapid cooling/heating, which will also be optimized in the next OTA.

  6. The stability of the 5G network of the vehicle is improved

  L9′ s 5G network uses an Internet of Vehicles card, which is different from our commonly used mobile phone card. In the same area, network service providers have different network configuration strategies for car networking cards and mobile phone cards, so their actual network performance may be inconsistent. In the previous network test, we have covered most cities in China, and at present, we are also jointly conducting road tests in more cities to continuously improve the network stability in various regions.

  In addition to the operator’s reasons, some strategies of the car itself may also lead to poor network experience, which may cause problems such as slow recovery of the network in and out of the basement and occasional disconnection of the App car control. We will optimize them in the next OTA and the fourth quarter.

  7. Sound effect optimization

  Based on L9′ s high-quality audio system hardware capability and everyone’s feedback, we optimized the audio effect, which will be realized by OTA in the fourth quarter.

Ideality L9

  8. Navigation-assisted driving experience is improved.

  Navigation-assisted driving relies on high-precision maps, but the update speed of maps can’t keep up with the changes of actual road conditions. For example, after the high-speed construction section in a certain place is over, if the map is not updated in time, it will lead to the degradation of navigation-assisted driving, accompanied by sound reminders. This will cause the use of navigation-assisted driving to be interrupted occasionally, which is not continuous enough.

LI 2022 Ideal L9

  In the fourth quarter, we will combine the ability of map positioning and visual perception to greatly reduce the degradation in the use of navigation-assisted driving functions. At the same time, we will greatly improve the accuracy of the speed limit value of navigation-assisted driving.

  9. Mobile phone Bluetooth key experience optimization

  In the next OTA, we will further optimize the functions of "automatic locking when leaving the car" and "automatic unlocking when approaching" of the Bluetooth key of the mobile phone, so as to solve the problem that the timing of automatic unlocking is inconsistent with everyone’s daily car habits.

  Of course, in addition to the new functions and optimization projects mentioned above, we are still planning more new functions and solving some experience problems, such as the occasional car control of mobile App, inaccurate accompanying mileage in App, etc.

These problems are the key to the centralized collection of Chinese patent medicines.

Source | Cyberblue

Contributed by | Fu Qingzhu

How to break the industry difficulties when the signal of centralized collection of Chinese patent medicines comes out?

On August 9, 2021, the National Medical Insurance Bureau issued the Reply of the National Medical Insurance Bureau to Recommendation No.4126 of the Fourth Session of the 13th National People’s Congress, stating that "on the basis of improving the quality evaluation standards of Chinese patent medicines and formula granules, we will adhere to quality priority, take clinical demand as the guide, and start with high-priced and large-quantity varieties to scientifically and steadily promote the centralized procurement reform of Chinese patent medicines and formula granules".

The introduction of this reply means that the procurement of Chinese patent medicines and even granules has been put on the agenda. However, as the first batch of people in China who participated in centralized drug bidding and purchasing and engaged in big data research of traditional Chinese medicine for a long time, the author is not optimistic about the procurement of traditional Chinese medicine in the short term.

Say so, we might as well stroke the train of thought:


What is the quantity purchase of traditional Chinese medicine?

"Drug procurement with quantity" refers to defining the procurement quantity when bidding or negotiation is carried out in the process of centralized drug procurement, so that enterprises can quote according to the specific quantity. This procurement method is also the goal that China has been striving to achieve for many years. In fact, this method is also an upgraded version of the centralized bidding and purchasing of drugs in medical institutions nationwide since 2000, which is no stranger to the vast number of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers at home and abroad. However, it is really a new thing for domestic Chinese medicine production enterprises, especially Chinese medicine decoction pieces enterprises.

Let’s start with the following basic definitions of popular science:

First, which Chinese medicines can be included in the quantity procurement? The "traditional Chinese medicine" that can be included in the quantity procurement mainly includes Chinese patent medicines and Chinese herbal pieces (including new-type pieces and formula granules) used in clinical practice in medical institutions.

Second, what is quantity procurement? Procurement with quantity is relative to centralized procurement, which can be understood as large-scale "group purchase" or "group purchase", that is, many hospitals form a "procurement consortium" to conduct similar "group purchase". At present, in areas where quantity procurement is implemented, the purchased products need to account for 60%-70% of the total usage, which is equivalent to a big "group purchase". Purchase with quantity, specify the purchase quantity, and the manufacturer will quote and negotiate, and the lowest price will win the bid. Enterprises can reduce the price of purchased drugs and increase the market share of products through market-oriented bidding with quantity, which is beneficial to both supply and demand sides and drug users.

Third, which institutions can carry out centralized procurement and quantity procurement? At present, it is mainly enforced in non-profit medical institutions under the supervision of medical insurance and medical and health authorities (note that it is not non-profit or non-profit). Social organizations such as retail pharmacies can also spontaneously organize "purchasing consortia" to carry out "group buying", which is referred to as "GPO purchasing" for short, but it is often not mandatory by policy.

Fourth, what does "4+7" procurement with quantity mean? It refers to the first batch of 11 pilot cities promoted by the state, including 4 municipalities directly under the central government and 7 provincial capital cities: Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenyang, Dalian, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Xi ‘an, which basically covers half of the domestic clinical drug circulation. These cities will take out more than 50% of the purchasing share every year, which has a great relationship with the market share of production enterprises and is a matter of life and death.

Therefore, once the country promotes the "4+7" or even nationwide procurement of traditional Chinese medicine, it will surely become a key event for Chinese medicine enterprises, which is expected to cause a major reshuffle of the Chinese medicine industry, and the industry must pay attention to it.


Why is it difficult to implement the procurement of traditional Chinese medicine for a long time?

Before answering this question, we must clarify two points:First, the centralized bidding and purchasing of proprietary Chinese medicines has been carried out around 2001, and the effect of reducing fees is very obvious, but it has not yet been included in the "4+7" procurement; Second, the centralized bidding and purchasing of Chinese herbal pieces. As early as 2001, the documents No.308 and No.309 jointly issued by five ministries and commissions in the State Council all proposed to "actively explore the centralized bidding and purchasing of Chinese herbal pieces".

However, it was not until 2018 that attempts were made in Shanghai, Gansu and other places, and the effect was not obvious; In July 2020, 12 provinces, including Shandong and Inner Mongolia, directly established a platform for the joint collection and purchase of Chinese herbal medicines, and prepared to carry out large-scale procurement activities of Chinese herbal medicines. However, the thunder and the rain are too small, and there is no more.

Why can’t centralized bidding or quantity procurement of traditional Chinese medicine products be promoted?

The apparent reason is that the overall purchase volume of Chinese medicine products without proprietary Chinese medicines is small, and the overall purchase volume of pieces of Chinese medicine in medical institutions nationwide is less than 56 billion yuan, which is only a fraction of the total purchase volume of chemicals and medical devices, and it lacks attention. But the deep-seated reason is that there are two bottlenecks, and there is no breakthrough for a long time:

The first is the standard issue.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a practical weapon of TCM, and its personalized demand is very obvious. A large number of raw medicinal materials and even decoction pieces are agricultural and sideline products, which are non-standard products. You may say that the Pharmacopoeia has the standard of decoction pieces, but that is only the minimum quality threshold, and it can’t cover the complicated and changeable commodity circulation specifications of Chinese herbal medicines at all.

For example, 280 and 380 pieces of Lycium barbarum, Ningxia goods and Qinghai goods, new goods and old goods, although they all meet the pharmacopoeia standards, can they be regarded as the same commodity? Without a unified standard, how to divide the quality levels? If we simply use the Pharmacopoeia standard to evaluate products, it will undoubtedly lower the quality level of Chinese patent medicines and granules as a whole and destroy a large number of well-known brands of Chinese medicine.

Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places are going to separate the products using raw materials from GAP base or traceability base, but everyone in the industry knows that the construction of GAP base in China is difficult to land, and the construction of traceability base is just in its infancy. The concept is bigger than the essence. Can it be used as a criterion at this stage?

At the same time, even if you establish a commodity circulation standard, will this standard be recognized by both the supply and demand sides? How to run through the whole process of Chinese herbal medicine raw materials, Chinese herbal pieces, granules, production enterprises, products and demand side is a very difficult and grand project, which can not be straightened out by a single link.

The second is the price issue. 

The price problem is divided into three levels:

The first is how to define the cost of different quality Chinese herbal medicines. Origin, growth cycle, harvest time, content, appearance and processing technology will all affect its pricing. This problem is actually closely linked to the circulation standard and is an extension of the standard problem.

Secondly, the price fluctuation during the period of centralized mining. The nature of agricultural and sideline products of most Chinese herbal medicines leads to the reality that they still have to "eat by the sky". In the past five years, the price amplitude of Chinese herbal medicines in China has reached more than 18.5%. In August 2020, the same kind of forsythia was 55 yuan (kg price, the same below), and it will rise to 115 yuan in 2021; The raw land has skyrocketed from 11 yuan to 35 yuan. How do you let the successful bidder complete the distribution at the original price?

Allowing the price increase violates the rules of the game of winning the bid at a low price under the same quality, and how to accept the price increase basis? If the price increase is not allowed, the winning bidder will be miserable and it is very likely to lose money to perform the contract; If the roasted seeds and nuts add fuel to the fire and monopolize the raw materials of the winning products to raise the price, the enterprise will even lose the pants, and finally the severe consequences of "winning the bid is death" will not be ruled out.

More crucially, the higher the bid, the higher the price. At present, the principle of "bidding and bidding, the lowest price for supply" is generally adopted in raw material procurement of production enterprises, and all kinds of arrears and deduction of suppliers’ payment for goods have also existed for a long time, so as to minimize the cost of raw materials. If we really realize the so-called "genuine quality and conscientious processing" through centralized purchasing activities, and make the raw material sources and costs of those brand enterprises known to the world, we will inevitably face the embarrassing situation of "more recruitment and higher fees" due to the improvement of quality. Originally, centralized purchasing wanted to reduce prices and control fees, but as a result, the price of centralized purchasing rose sharply. Can the medical insurance department accept it? This is really a paradox.

To sum up, when designing the centralized collection activities of traditional Chinese medicine, the operators often fail to consider the complexity of traditional Chinese medicine products, especially in terms of standards and prices, and lack of fundamental countermeasures and convincing evaluation system, so there are many obstacles in the actual promotion, and most attempts eventually end in vain.


How to break the traditional Chinese medicine collection?

It is precisely because of the complexity of the centralized collection of traditional Chinese medicine that the procurement of traditional Chinese medicine in medical institutions has been in a blind spot or even a "gray zone" for a long time.

The so-called "high-end decoction pieces" and "selling granules with gold" such as Niuhuang, Cordyceps sinensis, Saussurea involucrata, etc. have long been an open secret in the industry, seriously damaging the principle of "openness, fairness and transparency" in drug circulation. Therefore, the centralized collection of traditional Chinese medicine must be implemented as soon as possible. But in the face of many practical difficulties, how to break the game?

The author believes that the key to the breakthrough of centralized collection of traditional Chinese medicine lies in rationalizing the industrial chain by using the big data platform of traditional Chinese medicine industry, and realizing the bottom logic of traditional Chinese medicine products from raw material production, processing, circulation to sales, thus achieving a closed loop.

In this closed-loop front-end, it is an order agriculture based on the concept of blockchain, which is directly linked to the annual orders of demanding enterprises. When the commodity codes are sold out, external capital cannot intervene at all to ensure the stability of supply prices; In the circulation link, it is the two-dimensional code traceability of the whole process; In the sales link, we encourage order agriculture and full traceability with high quality and good price, so that the traceability input of enterprises is worth the money; Finally, basic functions such as standardized warehousing and logistics and third-party testing should be completed.

In this closed-loop system, the construction of big data platform for Chinese medicine industry is very important and is the core grasper. All information such as origin information, product information, price fluctuation, employee data, supply and demand data, quality standards, etc. will be included in this big data platform, and the bottom layer will realize the whole process with unified coding.

Only after the above preparations are completed, can the centralized collection of traditional Chinese medicine have the basis for implementation, and can the original intention of the medical insurance department to raise quality control fees be realized.

I believe that the centralized collection of traditional Chinese medicine will surely make a breakthrough on this basis.

Software Platformization and Agile Development of Baidu Intelligent Driving Domain Controller Based on AUTOSAR

The product strategy of Baidu Zhijia business group can be divided into three major areas: car, road and line: "car" is to provide smart car solutions for B-end car companies; "Road" is an intelligent solution for urban traffic; "Travel" is a travel service for C-end consumers.

On March 14th-16th, 2023, at the 4th Software-Defined Automobile Forum and AUTOSAR China Day in 2023, Wu Changlong, a senior engineer of Baidu Apollo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., said that Baidu’s technology accumulation in L4 field and the scale advantage of L2+ products promoted each other, and now it has realized the comprehensive layout of taxi-passenger car-urban transportation. On the technical level, the modular MCU and strong mainline software architecture can meet the needs of parallel development of different models and multiple projects on the same platform; With the support of agile development method and CICD, the output quality can be guaranteed while meeting the rapidly changing internal and external needs.

Software Platformization and Agile Development of Baidu Intelligent Driving Domain Controller Based on AUTOSAR  

Wu Changlong | Senior Engineer of Baidu Apollo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

The following is a summary of the speech:

Development and challenge of Baidu Apollo intelligent driving domain controller

In the past ten years, Baidu has accumulated rich technology and experience in the field of artificial intelligence, and now it applies these leading AI technologies to the automotive field. The product strategy of Baidu’s intelligent driving business group is laid out in three areas, which are car, road and line.

"Car" refers to the intelligence of cars. ASD, Baidu’s smart car division, is a tier1 role that provides full-stack smart car solutions for B-end car customers, including smart driving and smart cabin. At present, it has provided smart car solutions for 31 car companies, 134 models and more than 7 million cars. Baidu’s car is one of Baidu Apollo’s partners, and will be equipped with the full-stack intelligent solution of Baidu smart car, which will be listed this year.

"Road" refers to smart city traffic. At present, Baidu’s smart city transportation has provided solutions for 63 cities across the country, providing efficiency for urban transportation.

"Travel" refers to providing travel services for C-end consumers, which is known as radish running. Last year, Baidu released the sixth generation RT6, which has the ability to drive automatically on complex urban roads, and its cost reached 250,000 yuan. The mass production of RT6 will greatly accelerate the scale and commercialization of unmanned vehicles.

The above businesses complement each other. Baidu has accumulated rich technology and experience in L4 field, which can provide hot start for L2+ products. L2+ products feed back L4 products with the advantages of scale, and solve the long tail problem of L4 products’ final commercial landing.

Baidu’s smart car products include intelligent driving and intelligent cabin, including small-scale in-vehicle system and software and hardware integrated solution ARC. The intelligent driving domain controller is divided into two heterogeneous control chips, MCU and SOC. MCU deployed AUTOSAR protocol station, and developed CDD and application algorithm on this basis. The bottom layer of SOC is a system, and the top layer is the hardware poke layer and the middleware Apollo OS; developed by Baidu. Further up is the various atomic ability services of the algorithm; Further up are the various application logics of the algorithm.

Next, we will share the challenges we face in the development of intelligent driving domain controller MCU software based on AUTOSAR.

First of all, in recent years, there are many projects of Baidu’s intelligent driving domain controller, and it has already faced the situation that the same hardware platform supports multiple projects and multiple models for parallel development. A project needs to maintain independent software branches, and software changes, software optimization or repairs made in one project branch are always manually migrated to other project branches to ensure the consistency of product experience. And the coupling between software modules is very strong, and the change of one software module will often lead to the change of other modules, which will affect the whole body; In addition, it is necessary to migrate to multiple software branches at the same time, and the workload of maintenance increases exponentially with the increase of software complexity and projects.

In the stage of frequent changes in the demand of intelligent driving track, the time period is very short; However, there will be no reduction in the quality requirements for output. This challenges our software architecture. We urgently need a software architecture that can support multi-project parallel development and rapid iteration.

How to solve this problem? We found inspiration on AUTOSAR. The core idea of AUTOSAR is the decoupling of hardware and software. The bottom layer realizes the software functions that are strongly related to hardware, and abstracts them into standard interfaces for the upper layer. The upper ECU and the application layer are almost insensitive to the difference of the lower hardware, which makes the AUTOSAR architecture software migrate on multiple hardware platforms.

Secondly, the core idea of AUTOSAR is the modularization of software and standardization of interfaces. AUTOSAR is divided into hundreds of software modules, and the function definition of software modules is very clear, and the data between software is exchanged with the defined standardized interfaces. When the software of one module is changed, the influence on other software modules and even the whole controller software is controllable.

Platform of MCU software for intelligent driving domain controller

Our MCU platform software architecture refers to the idea of AUTOSAR. Firstly, a set of loosely coupled software architecture is needed. The so-called loose coupling means software modularization, and the function definition of each software module must be clear. The exchange interface between modules is standardized and managed in a unified file according to the architectural method of AUTOSAR.

The second is the strong mainline software architecture. Referring to the software architecture idea of AUTOSAR, we divide our MCU software into different softwares according to the actual business requirements. A hardware platform has only one software, and a project has a separate software. The interface between is predefined and cannot be easily changed. To ensure that a set of software can be combined with different software of multiple projects.

The actual operation method of this software architecture is:

First of all, the BSW project of AUTOSAR is strongly related to specific projects and models, such as the number of communication buses, the configuration of communication matrix, the configuration of diagnostic protocol stations, the configuration of network management, etc. These configurations are different for each model. Therefore, the BSW engineering code of AUTOSAR is divided into BASE software and CDD software (including IOO abstraction of various hardware and data intervention of sensors, etc.). These modules are only related to the hardware platform and have no direct relationship with the project. The application layer software isolates the differences of signal interfaces of various vehicles through the signal abstraction module, which makes most application layer software project-independent.

In addition, there are some special software modules, such as time synchronization module. All items of the time synchronization scheme in our domain are consistent; However, the cross-domain and vehicle-domain schemes have different projects. For this kind of module, we split the software of a module into two parts for maintenance, provided that the interfaces between the software must be well defined, so that multiple projects can share one software, and different BASE software can work normally together.

Under this software architecture, the methods of software management are different. A hardware platform has only one software warehouse, and each project has a separate BASE software warehouse. Only when the software is merged can the final MCU software output be obtained. Its advantage lies in that the mainline optimization is directly effective for each project. The challenge is how to ensure that the changes on the main line are not wrong for each project, which requires agile development and CICD to ensure.

Agile development of MCU software for intelligent driving domain controller

The software version delivery of the whole intelligent driving domain controller basically follows the traditional automobile micro-model development, from the initial demand input to software design, software development, software testing and overall acceptance, and a version lasts about 2-3 months. In the big cycle, we iteratively split the MCU software version into weekly agile development cycles.

The cycle of agile iteration in weeks can also be refined to the development iteration in days. Baidu has its own set of code management tools. When we push the code, it triggers the continuous integration compilation pipeline to get the compiled results and outputs. At the same time, the system will automatically trigger to pull the latest code from the library every night and push it to the CICD test server. The test server will simulate the upper computer to deploy the software to the domain controller of the test bench, which has a full set of sensor environment and simulated vehicle environment besides the physical domain controller. After the deployment, according to the pre-set test flow, the MCU software is matched with the SOC terminal to conduct a set of systematic tests.

After the test, the server finally collects the test results, and generates an email report and pushes it to the corresponding person. When you go to work the next day, you will know whether there is any problem with the previous day’s cooperation code. In addition to the bench test, we have a lot of driving tests every day, and the data generated in the test and the problems will be uploaded to the data center, and special managers will distribute the problems and data to the corresponding module leaders. After analyzing the data, the R&D personnel locate the problems, and then arrange the repair plan of the problems into the agile iterative process according to the priority, so as to carry out iterative development of the software, quickly deploy the new output to the R&D vehicle, and then carry out closed-loop verification.

At present, automakers pay more and more attention to software self-research, especially in the field of automatic driving. Some automakers choose Baidu as a supplier of software and hardware for intelligent driving systems; At the same time, I hope to participate in the development of some intelligent driving functions.

We also have some successful experiences in the project. First, OEM will generate the document of our intelligent driving domain controller, and then build an algorithm model to generate SWC articles in AR file format. And the final C code will be generated, and the ECU document will be given to Baidu. After we import the AUTOSAR development configuration tool, we can generate the technical engineering of MCU AUTOSAR and develop the software of MCU. Then compile it into a black-box project and give it to the OEM. The OEM will add the black-box project to the code generated by them for integration and compilation. After the compilation is passed, it will do its own module test. After the test is passed, it will give their model code compilation process to Baidu in the form of a black box. Then we will do the final integration, compilation and MCU software output, complete the integration test of the entire MCU domain controller, and deliver the test to the automobile factory, and then do the vehicle-level test.

(The above content comes from Wu Changlong | Senior Engineer of Baidu Apollo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Wu Changlong’s keynote speech "Software Platformization and Agile Development of Intelligent Drive Controller Based on AUTOSAR" delivered at the 4th Software-Defined Automobile Forum and AUTOSAR China Day in March 14 -16, 2023. )

Zhou Dongyu, a 32-year-old strong woman in Hot Search, is in dispute over her transformation?

Special feature of 1905 film network As the youngest "three-gold-winning actress", her film career has always attracted much attention.

In 2023, Zhou Dongyu starred in three works, and for the first time, she played a senior and capable self-media editor, Chen Miao, in her 2023 big screen finale, Hot Search. Her screen image has gradually changed from a girl to a Mesozoic woman, but in the process of her role transformation, the debate of polarized comments has never stopped.

For Zhou Dongyu, Hot Search is a challenge.

In the face of the role transformation debate, she has publicly stated that she did not deliberately transform, and in front of the age of 32, transformation is a natural thing. But in the face of Chen Miao, a capable female role in the workplace, she also regards it as a challenge.

In this challenge of trying to jump out of the comfort zone, Zhou Dongyu first broke through the limitation of her girlish appearance in external conditions, and created the image of women in the workplace through the makeup of wavy curly hair, big red lips and windbreaker; Secondly, she also deliberately lowered her voice to strengthen the maturity and credibility of Chen Miao’s role.

In the aspect of character temperament, Zhou Dongyu actually added an irreplaceable sense of fragmentation to Chen Miao. During the film’s release, there was a hot search for "Zhou Dongyu Chen Miao Shuang Wen’s mistress", and some netizens commented that "Chen Miao’s liveliness is not based on a perfect person’s design, but it is precisely because she is an imperfect rescuer that she is particularly real". As a girl who grew up in an unhappy background in family of origin, Chen Miao’s image is full of arc light.

When Zhou Dongyu plays the role of Chen Miao, the moments when her acting skills can most impress the audience are often those when she reveals fragility, weakness and a sense of fragmentation in the life stage of a mature woman. She is using her best acting skills — — Play the girl’s way, to perform the weak girlhood moments that occasionally flash on mature women. It seems that in breaking the inherent mature label of the workplace, Zhou Dongyu has injected his own personality label.

But many viewers also commented after watching the movie that Zhou Dongyu seemed to be reciting his lines all the time. Indeed, the character Chen Miao is actually running hot news in a large amount of information ocean, facing the constant test of traffic. When Zhou Dongyu, as the editor-in-chief, is reading data and repeating media terms such as "magic bullet theory" and "silent spiral", it is really easy for the audience to play by calmly and mechanically chanting.

Zhou Dongyu himself once said in an interview that one of the biggest difficulties in challenging the role of Chen Miao is to change her girlish voice to adapt to Chen Miao’s mature and professional language expression.

Who is calling for the transformation of Zhou Dongyu?

In the challenge of Zhou Dongyu’s transformation, apart from the audience’s hope to talk to more mature Zhou Dongyu, directors also hope to shoot more Zhou Dongyu.

The director of Hot Search chose Zhou Dongyu to play Chen Miao, just because of the complexity of Zhou Dongyu’s temperament, expecting to portray a new media editor who is both girly and capable enough through the lens.

From this point of view, it is not so much that the market is expecting, but rather that the market is eagerly calling for actresses like Zhou Dongyu to step out of the space of girlish roles and go into the broader spectrum of female roles.

Zhou Dongyu is now a "three-gold actress", and she is irreplaceable as an actress of the same age in terms of awards, the appearance of the film face and even the expressive force of acting.

The audience will mention the transformation, definitely because her previous role has given everyone an excellent "type" cognition, but these three films, represented by Burning Winter, Killing Parrots and Hot Search this year, actually represent a "female stage" that Zhou Dongyu wants to try. She may be a little more mature than a girl, but she is not completely an impeccable and indestructible career in the audience’s cognition.

Zhou Dongyu showed the audience the sense of vulnerability of professional women in Chen Miao’s body in Hot Search. Let the audience see the wandering and confusion of middle-aged women in Nana in Burning Winter; In Killing a Parrot, the audience can also see a woman who has been hurt by her feelings, and her emotional complex texture, and at the last moment, she can also be the one who takes up arms and fights back. In fact, it also adds some rich levels and dimensions to the female roles in film and television works in the market.

For directors or producers, choosing Zhou Dongyu is a icing on the cake. Even if she doesn’t succeed in the transformation, her performance in the film can pass, but if she can create a successful transformation role, the texture of the whole market and the whole film will show a better return on investment.

Therefore, this may also be a wind direction where the industry just chose Zhou Dongyu and expected her to present the transformation characteristics in her own works.

How to take the road of actor transformation?

Zhou Dongyu’s current state and performance can actually provide reference for the market and other actors of the same type.

First of all, the market, the creators must provide more female roles with a richer and broader spectrum for these actors to choose from; Secondly, put it on the actors themselves, and the audience and the market may also hope that they can expand themselves in a wider range and contribute more classic screen images.

Looking back at some examples of successful actresses, for example, when she was about 30 years old, she worked as a film producer, which created a new trend of "chick movies" in mainland China; It was also in his early 30 s that he gained his masterpiece.

So even though there may be some bumps and stumbling in the process of trying, maybe actresses need to make more attempts to adapt upward, so when she chooses a role, her role may grow rapidly with herself.

We also expect Zhou Dongyu, who is standing at the corner intersection and waiting for the traffic lights, to play more beautiful music scores of Mesozoic women on the screen in the future and find the most suitable scale for herself.