Inventory of mainstream film marketing companies (I): Bole spring breeze proudly takes over blockbusters, and Matt enters the upstream production.


The Battle at Lake Changjin’s box office exceeded 4.5 billion, and it entered the prehistory of cinema. In 2021, the box office passed the 40 billion mark. Lanxin Grand Theatre, The First Furnace Incense and Uninvited Visitors rushed to the film market after the National Day, and Pingyao Film Festival was held in full swing. ……

There are still 77 days before 2022, and China films and film people who have come out of the haze will welcome more good news.

As an indispensable part of the film and television industry, film marketing is one of the most popular jobs. From the wall-painting posters in rural areas to the short video war in Aauto Quicker, Tik Tok, there are some successful cases of "ineffective marketing", "false marketing" and "showing off feelings", and there are also successful cases of cross-border linkage and creativity.

Although most people think that marketing is icing on the cake for good content rather than giving timely help, it is undeniable that in the Internet age where content is fiercely competitive, the fragrance of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley, and excellent marketing can help the film quickly enter the public’s field of vision.

Today, I will take stock of the current mainstream film marketing companies and talk about the family history of the behind-the-scenes promoters of these explosive movies ~

Bole marketing: the explosive promoter leading the trend

Peak Blast, Me and My Father, Leap, The Eight Hundred … Nine times out of ten, you can imagine heavy commercial films with main melody melody, and Bole marketing will appear on the list of publicity teams.

Zhang Wenbo, the head of Bole, was once a media person, and served as founder and executive in marketing companies and film companies. Bole Marketing was established in 2013. Two years later, it established a reputation in the industry with projects such as monster hunt, Biography of Wukong and Fanghua, and established in-depth cooperation with big directors such as Zhang Yimou and Xiaogang Feng.

Most of the projects handled by Bole Marketing are stable and the water level is higher. Bole is also blossoming in the company’s business. Bole Film, a film and television investment company, Bole Qingguo and Bole Tianhai, a drama marketing company, and a film and television material company are famous. The short video marketing team is not tired of technology, and the rapid insight and control of new channels for publicity and development are the advantages of Bole’s long-term invincible position.

Spring breeze: all-type marketing expert

Hi, Mom, The Battle at Lake Changjin, Chinese Doctors, The Captain … Behind many explosive film and television works, you always seem to find the name of the spring breeze.

As a film marketing label of Chenming Media, a film and television company, Chunfeng is as proud as its name, and it is in the limelight in the film and television industry: in 2016, it undertook projects such as Passing Through Your World, Love O2O, and Chill 2, and established in-depth cooperation with head film and television companies such as Bona, Beijing Culture and Joy Media.

Zhao Ting, the founder and general manager, is a senior marketer. In recent years, the company’s business has also expanded to drama marketing and artist/creative brokerage affairs, and he has participated in the promotion of the online drama "The Sky of Wind Dogs and Teenagers". Whether emotional or exciting action movies can hold, it can be said that it is a comprehensive responsibility in marketing companies.

In the next film and television projects this year, Chunfeng will also be responsible for the promotion of suspense comedy "Make a Famous Name", New Year’s file "Flame on the Plain" and Spring Festival file Han Han’s new film "Four Seas", and will hand over a beautiful report card without accident.

Matt culture: a transformation production company

Although I participated in the promotion of many blockbusters such as Dying to Survive, The Sacrifice and The Climbers, I also produced the Mango TV explosion drama "I’m fine in a foreign land" this year. For the public, the 13-year-old Matt culture is not widely known.

Compared with the company’s low-key, Chen Lizhi, the boss of Matt, who is a media person, is quite famous in the rice circle. From time to time, he publishes celebrity-related remarks on social media, and he is the Weibo V with 5 million fans.

Matt culture has a deep relationship with big-name directors and stars in the industry. In recent years, it has gradually transformed into a production company and participated in dozens of film and television projects. For Chen Lizhi, it is an inevitable choice to March upstream in the film and television industry, and marketing is the icing on the cake. With the rise of the Internet platform, it is bound to be weakened, and good content is the core.

Faded out of film promotion, Matt co-produced projects such as Crazy Alien, Send me to Qingyun, My Sister, etc. This year, there is a new Chinese New Year movie Love Myth, which is supervised and starred by Xú Zhēng, the FIRST film festival work Lao Zheng flies into the sky, and the suspense film The Last Truth, which is supervised by Huang Xiaoming, is waiting to be shown.

Not surprisingly, people will probably keep pace with many film and television investment companies if they mention Matt culture again in the future.

Movie World: Introducing Daniel

From Inception’s "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" and "Iron Man 3" to this year’s Godzilla vs Kong, when it comes to the movie industry, it is the big importer who comes to mind.

In fact, as an established company of integrated film marketing, the film industry has served hundreds of overseas and domestic film and television works in the past 12 years, including many domestic masterpieces such as Love Story in Beijing, 33 Days of Lovelorn Love and Ip Man 2. Therefore, the epidemic situation has caused difficulties in introducing foreign films, which is not a fatal blow to the film industry.

In the past two years, the film industry has touched the investment and development of online movies and online dramas, and participated in the production of "The Legend of Xing ‘an Mountain Hunter" and "Dear Mr. Lemon Essence".

Film marketing and film and television investment walk on two legs, so that the film industry is still stable in marketing business. At the end of the year, we received the promotion of Xinli’s New Year comedy "Li Mao for Prince". Whether it can stand out from the fierce competition at the end of the year, let us wait and see.

Infinite freedom: embracing the "first force" of online students

With Huayi’s investment background, "China’s first film marketing stock" successfully listed on the New Third Board in 2015, its unlimited business has long been not limited to film marketing, but involves many businesses such as film and television investment production, artist brokerage, short video marketing, film and television music production and promotion, and it is also the first leader in film marketing companies to touch online film promotion.

Zhu Weijie, the founder of Infinite Freedom, who was born in the media, has been exploring upstream under the drive of the concept of "marketing+".In recent years, Infinite Freedom Film has participated in the production of many films, such as Jianghu Children, Finding You, Anti-Corruption Storm 4, Forever, Send me to Qingyun, etc. This year, there are also many blockbusters jointly produced by Anti-Corruption Storm 5 and Flame on the Plain, and film marketing is in the business sector.

It is worth noting that as a veteran army of film marketing, it has cultivated a batch of marketing teams at will. Its holding subsidiaries, such as First Voice Interactive, Fantasy Shadow and Cognitive Culture, have established the reputation of marketing brands in the industry.

Shifang Entertainment: Emotional Marketing is Young

There may be friends who remember the news that the movie "They Are Young in 1950" donated all the box office to veterans. This documentary film with no stars and big names has exceeded 10 million at the box office, which is precisely due to the efforts of the marketing team behind Shifang Entertainment.

Founded nearly 10 years ago, Shifang Entertainment actually started as a foreign film marketing, and accumulated a reputation in the industry. We have helped Wolverine 3, The Fantasy Drifting of Boys and Girls, Jurassic World 2 and other projects to be successfully promoted in China. Shifang Entertainment has outstanding capabilities in marketing innovation, cross-border cooperation and integrated marketing, and this year it also participated in the promotion of Out of Control Players in China.

From the 3D version of Titanic to They were Young in 1950, Shifang Entertainment is good at creating a circle for the film with the help of feelings, and the national memory and collective memory incite the project to be small and broad, showing the professionalism and maturity of the team in the field of film marketing.

Blue Diamond Culture: "Hard Bone" Players

The promotion song "Little Apple" of the movie "old boys" has spread all over the country, and the driving force behind it is the blue diamond culture.

Founded in 2012 by Pan Guofeng, a veteran former media person, Blue Diamond Culture serves the marketing promotion of movies, drama series, variety shows and online movies. It has participated in the promotion of projects such as A Spoon, Heaven and Fire, Looking at Paradise in Summer, Reversing Life, and also participated in the representative work of online movies in the Spring Festival at the beginning of this year and the joint production of Song Xiaobao’s diary of making a fortune.

This year, Blue Diamond Culture has taken over the film marketing of Turandot and Wuhai. Costume epic films and suspense literary films are two hard bones. Whether they can be chewed down depends on the marketing team’s ability to make miracles.

Joy Pictures: the trendsetter who knows young people best.

From the promotion of la la land and Uncle Monkey of Little Loli in China, to the popularity of White Snake: The Origin and the Battle of Luo Xiaohei, and now to the promotion of Lanxin Grand Theatre, Joy Pictures has gradually formed labels such as good vision, second dimension and literary film pusher.

Joy Pictures pursues the integration of distribution and publicity, and its business covers publicity, materials, music production, commerce, cultural tourism and other business sectors. It has many subsidiaries such as Zhuoran Sound, Cyclic Broadcasting, Zhuoran Zhongtai and Zhuoran Cultural Tourism.

Founder Zhang Jin is good at smelling the wind. In recent years, script killing and secret rooms have escaped popularity. Joy Pictures set up the script killing brand "Let’s go", which is committed to serving the script killing industry with film propaganda thinking and introducing more IP and offline entertainment scenes.

First voice interaction: the dormant person waiting for the explosion

Warm Hug’s Zhu Xian, Shi Shen Ling and Finding You … As another well-known film marketing company under Infinite Freedom, Seisen Interactive has rich experience in the promotion of emotional films and visual blockbusters.

Founded in 2014, with the marketing of films such as goodbye mr. loser, Master of Memory, England vs. England, it has gradually accumulated popularity in the industry. In 2017, some members of the team left to establish Jishi Media, which had a certain impact on the first voice interaction.

However, backed by unlimited freedom, Seisune Interactive still has many projects this year. It may be the company’s top priority to be responsible for the promotion of "Flame on the Plain", "As long as you live better than me" and "Railway Hero".

Reaching the shore movie: fame and miracle in World War I

Da ‘an Film is a company founded by Li Haipeng, the general manager of Light Film Publicity. It has been established for seven years and is regarded as the backbone of film marketing companies.

Keep close cooperation with the old club, and let Da ‘an rise rapidly in the first few years with projects such as Thailand, breakup guru and To Youth. Nowadays, the films reaching the shore have a wider range of contact projects, winning many good blockbusters such as Secret Visitor, Crowd, The Rescue and so on, and the team maturity and tacit understanding are getting better and better.

And the good results of participating in the marketing of explosive sci-fi films in The Wandering Earth also make Da ‘an very likely to become the main marketing team of the sequel Wandering Earth 2, and accumulate the experience of publicizing serial films.

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