The market share of domestic cherries is increasing with the improvement of planting techniques and excellent taste and price.

CCTV News:In May, with the temperature rising gradually, everyone’s "fruit basket" became more and more abundant, and the competition in the fruit market became more and more fierce. Next, pay attention to the series report "Consumer Market Survey and Fruit" War ".Colorful fruits, which is the delicious representative of early summer? Everyone has different answers.

However, when it comes to the fruit that was once known as "noble", you can’t help but mention cherry. Because of its high price, cherries once became the ceiling of "fruit freedom". Recently, cherries planted in various places have been listed one after another, so what is the current sales volume and price situation? Come and see our reporter’s investigation in Beijing.

At four o’clock in the morning, Beijing Xinfadi Farmers’ Market has been very busy. In the cherry sales area, buyers who come to purchase goods are in an endless stream, and cherry sellers are busy. A batch of cherries that Li Xiaojiao just entered at 10 o’clock the night before was about 3,000 kilograms, and it was almost sold out at dawn.

Zhang Lei is a buyer of a fruit supermarket in Fengtai District, Beijing. Recently, he entered the cherry peak season, and the sales volume of the supermarket gradually increased. Today, he plans to purchase more different varieties of cherries. However, because of the late arrival, there are fewer products to choose from.

A number of merchants told reporters that at present, the newly-developed market mainly sells cherries planted in the open air in Shandong and cherries planted in the cold shed in Dalian, and the sales situation has been very optimistic since listing.

       The reporter learned that compared with when it was first listed in March, the price of cherries at this time has dropped a lot. Take Meizao cherry, which is more popular in the market, as an example, the latest price per catty is about 30 yuan lower than that in March. In the following June and July, after a large number of cherries planted in the open air in Dalian and other places were listed, the sales price of cherries would drop.

Domestic cherries with delicious taste and excellent price "meet" imported cherries

In fact, a few years ago, domestic cherries were once neglected, and many consumers preferred imported cherries. In recent years, the market share of domestic cherries has been increasing. What makes domestic cherries catch up?

In this fruit store in Dalian, there are different kinds of domestic cherries on the shelves. The person in charge told the reporter that in the past few years, the sales situation of cherries was hot, which was more favored by consumers. This year, the sales of cherries in supermarkets increased significantly.

According to the reporter’s understanding, in recent years, the planting level of domestic cherries has been continuously improved, and the quality and flavor of fruits have been gradually improved. Moreover, the characteristics that the origin of domestic cherries is close to the consumer market also meet the requirements of consumers for freshness.

Liu Changhao, manager of a fruit dessert sales store in Dalian, Liaoning Province:Domestic cherries have the advantage of localization and are closer to consumers’ tables. It can be reached in a few hours at the earliest, and the farthest is like Guangdong in the south, which can be reached in two days by air transport. Cherries are mainly imported from abroad, so the transportation time will be longer.

In addition to the fresher taste, the transportation cost of domestic cherries is much lower than that of imported cherries, which also brings a certain price advantage to domestic cherries. Compared with the average selling price of cherries in winter this year, the average selling price of cherries in summer is basically about 20 yuan less than that of cherries in winter.

According to industry insiders, with the improvement of the quality and output of domestic cherries and the decline in prices, the market share of domestic cherries is constantly improving.

       Pan Fengrong, researcher of Dalian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Liaoning Province:Especially in Dalian and Yantai, which are key producing areas, local people can’t eat so much, so they have to be shipped to the whole country. Basically, we are consuming so many cherries.

Farmers who choose good trees and produce good fruits have planted "big cherry" by experimental grafting.

Better flavor, higher quality and more advantageous price make domestic cherries the "king" of the fruit market, and all these are inseparable from the improvement of cherry planting technology. Next, we will follow the reporter to Dalian, Liaoning Province to uncover the mystery behind the domestic "big cherry".

CCTV reporter Ding Dong:I am now in a cherry planting greenhouse. The cherries in the greenhouse are basically ripe. You can see that this fruit is very bright and full. Such a cherry tree can bear about 40 kilograms of cherry fruit. Now we come to the open-air plantation, and the cherries planted in the open air are not mature yet. The staff told me that it will be another month before these cherries can be harvested.

Cong Dayu, a cherry farmer in Qidingshan Village, Dalian, contracted two planting greenhouses and a part of open-air plantations, with a total planting area of about 50 mu. After 8 years in business, Cong Dayu has carried out grafting experiments on cherry fruit trees many times.

Cong Dayu, a cherry grower in Qidingshan Village, Dalian City, Liaoning Province:The largest single fruit produced at the earliest time should be about 15 grams, and now we have risen to a higher level, and the maximum weight of a single fruit may reach 20 grams. Now the income should increase by more than 20% than before.

The growth of cherry trees is greatly influenced by fertilizers. This enterprise in Dalian, Liaoning Province owns 70 mu of cherry plantation. Combining the dairy industry chain and fruit planting industry owned by their own enterprises, they developed bio-organic fertilizer using milk, pomace, cow dung and soybean meal to cultivate cherry trees.

Jiang Wei, chief agronomist of fruit brand under Xinle Group in Dalian, Liaoning Province:Its nutrition is very comprehensive, including protein, some amino acids, some trace elements, and even calcium growing in trees.

Under the ecological cycle, the use of biological fertilizer not only reduces environmental pollution, but also improves the flavor and taste of cherry.