Heavy rain, heavy rain! When the precipitation concentration period comes, it will thunder! When cold air arrives, it will snow in these places. ……

Under the constant force of warm and humid air, the recent rain and Zhejiang are particularly deeply fettered. From January 29th to February 2nd, it has rained for five days in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Jinhua, Quzhou and Zhoushan, which is the fulfillment of the saying "sunny winter solstice, bad year". Yesterday, the rain didn’t slack off at all, including moderate to heavy rain in northwest Zhejiang. This morning, Zhejiang was covered with thick clouds. The lowest temperature was 3-5℃ in the north-central part of Zhejiang and 6-9℃ in the south of Zhejiang.

Rain is still active today and tomorrow, especially from tonight to tomorrow. On the 5th, the first rain intermission came, and it was cloudy to cloudy in the whole province. In particular, it should be reminded that it is warm and humid, unstable energy accumulates in the atmosphere, and it confronts the cold air that continues to go south, and lightning will appear again. There will be lightning in our province from tonight to tomorrow, so we need to be vigilant and take precautions!

On the 6th, with the strengthening of warm and humid air flow and the infiltration of cold air, a new round of precipitation will be started again, and the temperature will also experience a wave of first drop and then return to temperature. Among them, from the night of the 6th to the day of the 7th, there will be snow in the mountainous areas in central and northern Zhejiang, which is sleet or light snow.

On 7-8 days, there is a northerly wind of 8-9 in the coastal waters of Zhejiang, so pay attention! The rain is still interesting, and it will stop gradually. It will be fine weather from New Year’s Eve to the third day of the year, and the sun will appear.

The specific forecast is as follows:

From noon to evening today: there is light rain in northern Zhejiang and central and western Zhejiang, with moderate to heavy rain and local thunderstorms; It’s cloudy in other areas, and sometimes there is light rain in some areas.

From tonight to tomorrow: there is moderate to heavy rain in the whole province, including local heavy rain in central and southern Zhejiang, which may be accompanied by lightning.

The day after tomorrow: the whole province is cloudy to cloudy. Among them, there will be 6-8 northwest gusts in northern Zhejiang from tomorrow evening to the day after tomorrow.

The lowest temperature tomorrow morning: northern Zhejiang: 2-4 degrees; Southern Zhejiang: 7-9 degrees; Other areas: 5-7 degrees; The highest temperature in the daytime tomorrow: south Zhejiang and southeast coastal areas: 10-12 degrees; Other areas: 5-7 degrees

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