You don’t know so many benefits of swimming?

Swimming is a sport suitable for all ages. Proper swimming can not only make people happy physically and mentally, shape their bodies, but also enhance the function of cardiovascular system, physical fitness and human coordination. Next, let’s learn more about the benefits of swimming.

Athletes who leap into the swimming pool (Source: Xinhua News Agency)

1. Plastic body and beauty.Swimming is the best way to lose weight. When swimming in water, the body suffers great resistance. When swimming for more than a certain time, the fat in the body begins to burn. Even if you soak in the swimming pool, because the water temperature in the swimming pool is generally lower than the human body temperature, in order to maintain the body temperature, the human body will automatically consume heat. Therefore, exercising in water is more effective than exercising in the air, with twice the result with half the effort, and can also exercise the muscles around the internal organs.

2. Enhance cardiopulmonary function.This is because the blood return speed of the heart will be greatly improved by the friction of the water flow on the human body. This kind of systemic exercise increases the blood transfusion of the heart and brain, which is also beneficial to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Enhance cold resistance.Human capillaries will contract when they meet cold water, and will expand due to lack of oxygen during exercise, which will enhance the ability of the nervous system to control the contraction and expansion of capillaries and enhance the cold resistance of the human body to some extent.

In addition, the World Wide Web pointed out that swimming can also improve people’s coordination, because swimming is a synchronized movement of limbs, and long-term swimming will make limbs more flexible. Swimming also has a certain skin care effect. In the process of swimming, water washes the skin, which can promote blood circulation and make the skin more moist.

Although swimming has many benefits, there are also precautions!

1. Avoid swimming on an empty stomach.In the process of swimming on an empty stomach, accidents may be caused by lack of physical strength, while over-satiated swimming will affect digestion and may cause stomach cramps and even vomiting.

2. Avoid swimming after strenuous exercise.Qilu Evening News pointed out that swimming directly after strenuous exercise will increase the burden on the heart, and rushing directly into the water after strenuous exercise will cause a sudden drop in body temperature. At this time, the human body’s resistance is weak and it is easy to cause a cold. So don’t jump into the water immediately after strenuous exercise.

3. Avoid swimming alone.It is best to choose a place with more people when swimming, so that you can get rescue in case of accidents. Beginners had better have people who can swim with them.

Have a good swim in the water (Source: Xinhuanet)

In addition, there are swimming places specially provided for babies in the market now, and swimming has become a sport for babies. What are the benefits of baby swimming?

The first is to promote physical development. People’s Daily pointed out that regular swimming can promote the development of the baby’s limbs, because the baby’s limbs are completely free to move during swimming and can complete coordinated and exquisite movements early. Swimming can also expand the baby’s vision, improve the reception of signals such as sound and color, and promote the development of the baby’s nervous system.

In addition, Life Times pointed out that infant swimming also helps to enhance metabolism and make the myocardium developed. It is helpful to the development of the baby’s brain and promotes the development of intelligence; Help to improve the function of respiratory system and increase vital capacity; It also helps to improve the baby’s ability to resist germs.

Before the baby swims, parents should make adequate preparations. First, try the water temperature. When the baby adapts to the water temperature, put it into the water completely and take it with the swimming ring. Immediately after landing, wrap the baby’s body with a bath towel to prevent catching a cold. (Cao Xu)

This article is scientifically checked by Kong Junhui, director of Chinese medicine, professor and doctoral supervisor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.