A "rock" is a warning-a promise from youth

  Xinhua News Agency, Harbin, May 2 (Reporter Wang Junbao) "Because my name is Ning Zhongyan" — — This is the name of Ning Zhongyan’s social media account. Who is Ning Zhongyan? Before 2019, this is a problem.

On February 19th, China’s Ning Zhongyan (first from the front) competed in the men’s team start semifinal of speed skating in the Beijing Winter Olympics. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jianwei photo

  Speed skating is an important competitive event in the Winter Olympics, but before the Beijing Winter Olympics, China athletes won only one gold medal in the speed skating event in the Winter Olympics. Ning Zhongyan, like this project, has not received much attention.

  At the PyeongChang Winter Olympics four years ago, almost no one knew Ning Zhongyan’s name. The turning point took place in 2019.

  In December 2019, the International Skating Federation Speed Skating World Cup was held in Nursultan, Kazakhstan, and Ning Zhongyan competed with a number of world experts. In the men’s 1500m race, he broke through the encirclement of the Dutch and won the gold medal.

  The last time China won the gold medal in this event in the world competition was in 1963. 2: 09.2, Luo Zhihuan still remembers this achievement. On February 24th, 1963, in Nagano, Japan, he set a world record of 1500m at the 57th World Men’s Speed Skating Championships, and became the first China player to win the world championship in winter events.

  Luo Zhihuan and Zhang Hong, the champion of the Winter Olympics, praised Ning Zhongyan’s achievements. "But when I came down from the podium, it was actually all zero." As a professional athlete, Ning Zhongyan knows the importance of continuous efforts.

On February 18th, China’s Ning Zhongyan finished the men’s 1000m speed skating final in Beijing Winter Olympics. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jianwei photo

  In 1999, Ning Zhongyan was born in Heping Village, Shiyan Town, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, and studied at Heping Primary School in the village. Geng Yuhua, a school teacher, poured an ice rink in the school to enrich the children’s extracurricular life. Ning Zhongyan, 10, learned to fly on the ice for the first time.

  He soon fell in love with the sport. "I remember that he would skate on ice, because he liked roller skates before he was six or seven years old, so I bought him a pair, and then he would skate." Ning Zhongyan’s mother Zhao Shuyan recalled.

  "Later, Ning Zhongyan achieved good results in the skating competition in Ning ‘an City, and was introduced to Mudanjiang City by Ning ‘an Sports School." Zhao Shuyan still remembers the specific date of her son’s departure. "He was picked up by Mudanjiang Sports School on the eighth day of the first month. At first, he was led by coach Zhu Yuliang, and later he studied under coach Chen Peijun."

  Chen Peijun, the speed skating coach of Mudanjiang Winter Sports Training Center, still remembers the first time he saw Ning Zhongyan. "At that time, it was 2012. He was short, but he had a good sense of ice." Chen Peijun said that Ning Zhongyan was not only savvy, but also trained very hard. "Don’t be lazy and obedient, don’t worry." Chen Peijun said.

  Not only hard work, Ning Zhongyan understands that only by constantly overcoming difficulties can we reach the end. "At that time, I just participated in the World Cup, and my skates cut my legs. I got stitches at night, and I didn’t delay the game the next day." Zhao Shuyan said, "The child later said that it was very painful during the game, but he just gritted his teeth."

On February 19th, China’s Ning Zhongyan started the men’s speed skating team final at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Xinhua News Agency reporter Ang Lee photo

  For many years as an athlete, Ning Zhongyan has been training hard and has hardly spent the New Year at home, but his achievements in the Beijing Winter Olympics are not satisfactory. "I was so nervous at the time, just like dreaming, my legs were out of control like wood, and I thought a lot in my head." Taking part in the Winter Olympics for the first time, Ning Zhongyan finally ranked seventh in the men’s 1500m speed skating competition in Beijing Winter Olympics.

  "The Winter Olympics is like this. Some people are happy and some people are worried. Competitive sports are so cruel." Ning Zhongyan said that he has never given up, and will train hard, learn lessons and make up for his regrets at the next Winter Olympics.

  "Give good luck some time, it won’t be too far away from me." Ning Zhongyan said.