Free car delivery? Beware of new pyramid schemes, using "sharing economy" as a cover

       CCTV News:Sharing economy is a hot word at the moment. If someone introduces you to join the sharing economy investment, and you have to pull people’s heads, build a platform and give things away for free, then you should be careful, and you may fall into a new type of scam carefully woven by scammers.

       Not long ago, Jiangsu Taizhou police found a suspicious clue during a routine inspection within their jurisdiction. The police found that a new car sales company was registered in a factory in the jurisdiction. This sales company is rather strange. Every day, there are an endless stream of people coming to consult, with an average of nearly 100 people every day.


       This newly established car sales company looks ugly and sells not popular cars. Why do so many people come to visit it every day?

       According to the police, the main reasons that arouse their suspicion are as follows: firstly, it delivers cars for free, and the value of a car is around 130,000 yuan. This car sales company can deliver cars to its members for free, so this is suspicious; The second person who enters the company and becomes a member must introduce two more people. It builds a model of one plus two plus four. Are you selling cars, or are you pulling people’s heads and collecting people’s fees?


       Pulling people’s heads, taking a platform and delivering cars for free are the first time that the police have heard of this abnormal car sales model. The survey also found that the business carried out here seems to have little to do with car sales.

       Zhu Shiqi, instructor of Economic Investigation Brigade of Hailing Branch of Taizhou Public Security Bureau, Jiangsu Province: "In the name of selling cars abroad, it is called sharing economy in the fashionable language on the Internet at present, so that more people can participate and sell cars to the company, and the company will (at the same time) send cars to you for free. We also organize several groups of people to give publicity lectures every day, so we feel very strange. "


       After a secret investigation, the police soon found the clue. The method of this company is a little similar to pyramid scheme, so through in-depth investigation in the early stage, it is found that it is indeed a pyramid scheme company. After more than a month’s investigation and evidence collection of this company, Taizhou police organized police forces to collect the nets of this criminal gang suspected of pyramid schemes. In and around the car sales company, the police controlled a number of suspects suspected of organizing and participating in pyramid schemes on the spot.

       Pull people to share rewards and lure people into the game.

       The police investigation found that this is a new form of pyramid selling crime, which not only added new concept hype, but also adopted a new model to lure investors into being cheated. According to police investigation, Wu Mou, the suspect suspected of organizing and leading pyramid schemes, registered Taizhou Cidezai Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. in September last year. Since the Spring Festival this year, under the guise of developing sharing economy, Wu Mou has successively developed more than 200 offline members, involving a total of tens of millions of yuan.


       In April this year, Ms. Zhang just listened to a friend and participated in the experience. Zhang said that friends posted in the group, saying how much money people took, cars and bonuses, and there were many people. Three or four classes were held in the morning, all of them came from all corners of the country, all by train, and some by car. After only one live experience, Ms. Zhang moved her heart on the spot and borrowed 50,000 yuan to come to the company the next day. The staff also said that this was reasonable, reasonable and legal. At that time, there were licenses, industrial and commercial licenses, business licenses and one-stop services.

       The staff of the MLM organization told Ms. Zhang that to participate in the sharing economy, you only need to pay a deposit of 50,000 yuan, which will be returned in installments within 12 months. If paid in full at one time, Ms. Zhang can get an interest refund of 2000 yuan on the spot. Share two people at the same time, and get another 9000 yuan. Once the sharing mode of one plus two plus four is completed, Ms. Zhang can get back the deposit and reward in advance. As long as you get one plus two plus four, that is, after one person develops six people, then the person at the top can get a car for free. 


Ms. Zhang

       Avoid hitting the miniaturization of organizational structure

       Most people are familiar with the crime of pyramid selling, knowing that it is an economic crime severely cracked down by the state. However, when the police arrested the members of this pyramid selling organization, many participants were still in the dark. Then by what means did the pyramid selling organization let so many people be deceived?

       Fan Jiping, captain of the Economic Investigation Brigade of Hailing Branch of Taizhou Public Security Bureau, Jiangsu Province: "After taking part in it for a long time, some people will understand that this is a pyramid scheme, but it is already very difficult for him to get out at this time. Because this part of his relatives and friends has been pulled into this MLM organization by him, if he does not continue to pull down, then when this capital chain is broken, other people will ask him for money. "


Fan Jiping, Captain of Economic Investigation Brigade of Hailing Branch of Taizhou Public Security Bureau, Jiangsu Province

       The bigger the net is woven, the greater the risk of the whole capital chain. Once no one continues to join, the online membership fee of 50,000 yuan cannot be returned on a monthly basis. In order to attract more people to join in, keep this bubble from bursting early. Wu Mou, the leader of MLM organization, has used his killer weapon — — Send a car for free, and you can get a car for free if you pull a certain number of people. At the same time, in order to escape the attack of the police, Wu Mou has adopted a different method from the previous large-scale pyramid schemes in the operation of recruiting people, that is, the miniaturization of personnel structure.


       Wu Mou, the criminal suspect: "I just visited various places outside, and saw that there were more than three levels of distribution outside. Later, this three-level distribution was cancelled and became a secondary distribution." The layout and structure of seven people are simple, and the top is automatically eliminated. In this short and quick marketing organization mode, Wu Mou has quickly developed more than 200 members.


The suspect Wu Mou.

       According to Wu Mou, the leader of the MLM organization, in order to lure more people to join, the MLM organization has given away seven cars for free. This conduction effect makes many people lose their minds and rush in crazily, completely ignoring the huge risks behind the scam.

       The police reminded investors that no matter how pyramid schemes evolve and what hype concepts are added, they are inseparable from deception and temptation. For those so-called investments that obviously go against the common sense of life, we should keep our eyes open and be vigilant.