Going to the Grassroots in the Spring Festival | The "Year of the League" before the departure of a veteran and three recruits

"Grandpa is happy for you when you sign up for the army. When you arrive at the army, you must do a good job and win glory for Rongchang people. "
"Grandpa, don’t worry, we won’t live up to your painstaking efforts."
January 29th, the 27th day of the twelfth lunar month, two days before the Spring Festival. On this day, Huang Rongchang, a 78-year-old veteran of Baofang Village, Longji Town, Rongchang District, came to his home with a group of special "relatives": Zhou Jijin, the armed minister of Longji Town, and other three young people who were about to join the army came home to express their condolences and pay New Year greetings.
▲ Huang Rongchang (fourth from left) is explaining the battle story of his father-in-law Tang Xuedong. Reporter Zhao Weiping photo
"In the old life, did your daughter and son-in-law come back to the group year?" An enter a door Zhou Jijin asked.
"Not yet. I said I would come back on New Year’s Eve." Huang Rongchang said with a smile.
"Then how about we accompany you for the Year of the League today?" Zhou Jijin pointed to three young people. "The three of them signed up for the army and will go to the army after the Spring Festival. One is to pay tribute to you for the next year, and the other is to hope that you can share some experiences of being a soldier with the dolls before joining the army. "
"I have been a soldier for five years, and there is nothing to say, or I will tell you the story of my father-in-law." Seeing everyone’s full face of expectation, Huang Rongchang stood up from the stool and pointed to the photo on the sand wall facing the gate. "Look! This is my father-in-law Tang Xuedong. "
"He is wearing a Chinese people’s Volunteer Army military cap, and he looks so mighty. I will be like him when I become a soldier in the future." Seeing Tang Xuedong dressed in military uniform in the photo, young Hao Lu couldn’t help sighing. Next to the photo is a certificate of revolutionary martyrs. It reads: Comrade Tang Xuedong, who died heroically in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, was specially approved as a revolutionary martyr, and this certificate is issued in recognition.
At that time, 28-year-old Tang Xuedong joined Chinese people’s Volunteer Army to resist US aggression and aid Korea and defend the country. "My family member Tang De Kiln was only 4 years old at that time. I vaguely remember that my father-in-law was an artillery. Every time after a fierce battle, he would send a letter to his family, during which he sent three letters. After that, there was no news from his father-in-law. One year later, the news of his sacrifice came." Huang Rongchang changed the subject. "Stop standing. Let’s hurry around the round table and find a place to sit and talk about your plans."
"I was a soldier, so I’ll talk about my thoughts first." Li Xiaolong, 21, was the first to speak. After graduating from technical secondary school at the age of 19, Li Xiaolong worked as an armed police officer in Hebei for four years. He was discharged from the army and returned to his hometown in September last year. He heard that there was a policy of second enlistment, and he took the initiative to join the army not long ago. After listening to the battle story of his grandfather Tang Xuedong, Li Xiaolong was excited and his voice became louder and louder: "I want to go to a place with more difficult conditions to be a soldier!"
"Xiao Lu, you are a college student, talk about your opinion." Huang Rongchang stared at Hao Lu with a smile.
Lu Hao, a 21-year-old junior, majored in electric power. Under the education of his parents, he was determined to be a soldier since he was a child. Today, after seeing the honors won in his old life, Hao Lu was full of confidence, and immediately took out a notebook from his pocket and wrote down his small goal after joining the army: to be a technical soldier and study more modern military weapons and equipment to defend national defense.
See Liang Tangshan next to Hao Lu low head silent, Huang Rongchang conveniently handed him an orange. "Young man, although you are handsome, you can’t be shy when you are a soldier. The battlefield is cruel. You must be good at communication and learn to express yourself." After hearing what Huang Rongchang said, Liang Tangshan nodded 1 vigorously.
"You have knowledge and culture, and modern national defense construction needs young people like you." Huang Rong said earnestly: "When you go to the army, you must be prepared for hardship. No matter whether you are an official or an ordinary soldier in the future, you must always remember the purpose of serving the people and serve the motherland well …"
After that, Huang Rongchang took out three small packages from the room and handed them to Li Xiaolong, Hao Lu and Liang Tangshan respectively. "The bacon and sausages contained in them can be taken to the army to eat. If you can’t go home for the New Year in the future, I will miss this. Grandpa will mail you again."
When wearing, the cold wind is still blowing outside, and the "Youth League Year" before enlisting in the house is still going on enthusiastically …