In terms of price, Sina quoted in May that BYD Qin PLUS DM-i had 111,800 new cars nationwide.

Many consumers think that the cost of buying a car plus the cost of maintaining a car every year is really a lot of money, but now taxi software is so popular that it is convenient and cheap to take a car, and it is not practical to buy a car. However, in bad weather such as cold or hot, carrying a heavy shopping bag or dragging a huge suitcase, or when the driver is in an emergency, he will feel the pain of waiting. Although cars are consumables, and even the rate of preservation is not high, there is no denying that owning a car of your own can really bring great convenience to life, such as going to go on road trip.

Today, we will take a look at the new car BYD Qin PLUS DM-i, including the design, rough interior, high and low performance, etc. Presumably, small owners have dived into major forums and dug countless evaluation videos, so there is no need to go into details in small series. Now, our focus is on the transaction price, discount, sales volume and value preservation of Qin PLUS DM-i, so as to help small owners who are basically targeting and waiting for the opportunity to start more comprehensively.

BYD Qin PLUS DM-i achieved a maximum discount of 95,900% on the transaction price in the past month, with the highest cash drop of RMB 4,800, and the national sales of new cars starting from RMB 125,900. The point price is for reference only, and the actual transaction price is subject to the local dealer.

The figure below shows the sales data of BYD Qin Plus DM-I. The national sales volume in the last month was 13,443 vehicles. I wonder if BYD is still satisfied with this achievement. Most people will follow the sales volume when buying a car, which is the main basis for most people to judge whether a car is good or not without in-depth understanding of a car. Although it is not accurate, it is not groundless, but if you have higher requirements for car selection, you need to make more efforts to fully understand it.

When we buy a car, we will pay attention to all aspects of this model in advance, especially the posts and word-of-mouth posted by car owners in major forums and vertical websites. Apart from the navy, there are still some car owners’ real car experience that is worth learning. Let’s take a look at the word-of-mouth score of BYD Qin plus DM-I. The comprehensive score of BYD Qin PLUS DM-i is 4.75, and the result is not bad, so BYD Qin PLUS DM-i can be considered.

If you have seen the above, you still have doubts about whether BYD Qin PLUS DM-i is worth buying, then you can also look at the performance of competing products of BYD Qin Plus DM-I. Among the following competing products, the Roewe ei6 MAX sold the most last month, with 662 cars. There is always one car for you.

If the price of Qin PLUS DM-i is suitable recently, then friends will hurry! Linkage promotion in many places across the country, and there are even more discount models as low as 30%.

Domestic autonomous driving technology attracts global automakers to pay attention to multinational supply chain enterprises and increase local research and development.

On April 25th, the Beijing Auto Show was reopened after several years. The localization of auto software and AI-led autonomous driving technology has become the focus of multinational auto manufacturers and supply chain enterprises.

Huawei’s Gankun smart car solution debuted at the Beijing Auto Show for the first time, attracting executives from many multinational auto manufacturers to visit. According to sources, Huawei is expected to authorize advanced assisted driving (ADAS) solutions to multinational car companies to land in China, and the specific cooperation mode is still under discussion.

On the other hand, due to the rapid iterative demand of China electric vehicle manufacturers for autonomous driving technology and the trend of going out to sea, European and American automobile suppliers are also aiming at autonomous drivingartificial intelligenceBusiness opportunities generated by technology in the automotive field.

Autopilot has become a key function to boost sales.

Although the price war of electric vehicles has intensified, with China consumers increasingly seeking high-tech functions when choosing cars, domestic automobile manufacturers have promised to invest heavily in technological innovation. AI technology, including autonomous driving, is also the focus of future competition among China automobile manufacturers.

China, a global automotive technology supplier, and Yang Xiaoming, president of Asia-Pacific region, told the First Financial Reporter on the eve of the Beijing Auto Show: "The iteration speed of products in China’s automotive market is far ahead of other regions in the world, especially in electrification and intelligence, such as advanced driver assistance."

Stephen Dyer, the co-head of research institute Ai Ruibo in Greater China and the head of automobile consulting business in Asia, told the China Business News after watching the Beijing Auto Show: "Obviously, many China automakers regard advanced assisted driving technology as a key function to boost sales."

Dai Jiahui pointed out that Ai Ruibo’s recent global electric vehicle survey confirmed that China consumers really care about these functions. "China Automobile Factory is unique in that it can deploy a wider range of ADAS functions at a lower cost than foreign brands."

withXPENG MotorsFor example, He Xiaopeng, the founder and CEO of the company, said that from next month, its software and upgrade will enter an "accelerated cycle", and he also hoped that the application scope of its software platform could be extended to other Asian countries and Europe.

Earlier this year, it has indicated that it plans to recruit 4,000 employees this year and invest 3.5 billion yuan in areas such as autonomous driving.

Last month, Xpeng Motors said that it was upgrading its driver assistance software, and planned to provide all autopilot functions to drivers all over China in 2024. XNGP advanced driver assistance system in Xpeng Motors andXiaomi automobileNOA is related toTeslaThe fully automatic driving technology FSD is similar.

The German Volkswagen Group holds nearly 5% of the shares in Xpeng Motors. Volkswagen is also cooperating with Xpeng Motors to develop a new intelligent electric vehicle architecture, so as to produce new electric vehicles with more economic benefits.

Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, also recently proposed that the goal of Xiaomi’s intelligent driving is to become the first echelon in 2024. He said that Xiaomi SU7 series models will all support NOA and parking service functions of the advanced assisted driving system on the expressway, and the city NOA is planned to be opened nationwide in August.

Multinational suppliers increase R&D investment in China.

An Bofu’s important customers in the world include multinational automobile manufacturers. Yang Xiaoming said that in order to further meet the needs of China automobile manufacturers for innovative technologies, Amber is considering setting up the first artificial intelligence center in China to increase the strategic layout of China market localization; On the other hand, Amber is also using its global data in the field of intelligent driving to empower China automobile manufacturers to go to sea.

In fiscal year 2023, the sales of China region of Ampofo increased by 12%, and the Asia-Pacific region, including China, contributed 28% of the global net sales of Ampofo. Yang Xiaoming said that Amber China will achieve 50% business growth in the next five years, and a large part of the sales growth will come from expanding cooperation with independent brands in China. He predicted that the business related to China manufacturers will reach 70% in five years.

"Our R&D investment in China will continue to increase. On the one hand, we are increasing the number of software engineers in China R&D Center, and at the same time, we are beginning to implement some forward-looking research in China. In the past, these studies were often placed abroad, and now we will also consider China as the first application site." Yang Xiaoming told the First Financial Reporter.

When talking about what role the artificial intelligence center in China will play in the world in the future, he said: "This artificial intelligence center will test a lot of data, and integrate artificial intelligence into the R&D process of our intelligent cars, greatly improving the R&D speed. These are also the requirements of our customers in China, which can better serve the global business of these enterprises."

Before the end of last year, ZF, a German automotive technology supplier, successfully obtained the Group’s first L4 autopilot test license in China. The company said that this will accelerate the localization development, testing and iteration of autonomous driving technology.

The First Financial Reporter learned that ZF has also increased its investment in R&D in China in recent years, including setting up an autonomous driving team in China, including investing in forward-looking technical research.

Multinational supplier overweightChina softwareLocal technology research and development is also due to the rapid rise of local suppliers. Industry insiders revealed to the First Financial Reporter that many multinational auto giants expressed interest in Huawei’s leading ADAS system. If Huawei’s smart car solution is finally licensed to multinational automobile manufacturers, it will not only help overseas automobile brands to accelerate their entry into the field of autonomous driving in China, but also mean that Huawei will have the opportunity to compete with top automotive technology suppliers Bosch and Continental Group.

A technical person in charge of Huawei’s intelligent driving related products did not comment on the details of the current negotiations between Huawei’s ADAS system and multinational automakers to the First Financial Reporter. "We can’t say anything that the company hasn’t released." He said.

Cross-border flow of automobile data attracts attention.

Dai Jiahui of Ai Ruibo told China Business News: "Multinational automobile manufacturers, especially European automobile manufacturers seem to realize that the development speed of China’s ADAS technology providers is much faster than that of European and American companies, which will also prompt some multinational companies to seek a system purchase or lease agreement with China’s ADAS suppliers for sharing. This business model is beneficial to both sides."

Francois Provost, head of purchasing and partner of French automaker Renault, said in a post on LinkedIn on Friday: "Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault, and China.Li AutoAnd Xiaomi held talks on electric and smart car technology. "This will also open the door for potential technical cooperation between the two sides.

As the global automotive technology supply chain tends to converge, cross-border flows such as data have also attracted great attention from the market. Yang Xiaoming told China Business News that the cross-border flow of data is important to promote the development of global autonomous driving technology.

"In the past, we used R&D data from Europe and the United States to support the landing of smart cars in China. As China automobile manufacturers speed up going to sea, we also hope that we can use the data trained in China to help them land overseas, but this still faces the bottleneck of data supervision." Yang Xiaoming said.

He stressed that data compliance is very important. At present, Amber is actively communicating with relevant institutions to clarify which intelligent networked automobile data can be shared and take advantage of its global data network.

"Recently, we have seen very good signs, and the regulatory authorities have given some clear instructions on data sharing, so that multinational companies like Amber can take advantage of our global data and train the software designed by China more quickly under the premise of legal compliance to help China automobile manufacturers who need to go to sea achieve their goals." He told the first financial reporter.

Recently, CEO Musk said on social platforms,TeslaFSD is expected to be implemented in China soon. In this regard, Yang Xiaoming told the First Financial Reporter: "If the new autopilot software can enter China, it will also promote the progress and development of the overall autopilot technology in China, because we can learn from better experience."

In the eyes of some insiders, the entry of FSD into China will still be a gradual process. Dai Jiahui told China Business News: "We have seen that the global autonomous driving function and autonomous level are gradually increasing, and China has adopted these technologies very quickly. However, I expect that the gradual increase of automatic driving function will become the main development path, rather than achieving a leap in fully automatic driving technology at one time. "

Xinyang Volvo XC90 is on sale! The latest offer is 467,000 yuan, which is very beneficial today.

According to the news of car home Xinyang preferential promotion channel, preferential promotion activities are being carried out in Xinyang area. The minimum starting price of this luxury SUV is 467,000 yuan, and the maximum discount amount reaches 179,900 yuan. If you are interested in this model, you may wish to click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount.

Volvo XC90 is a luxury SUV, and its design is full of strength and modernity. The front face adopts Volvo family-style design language, and the air intake grille adopts a unique straight waterfall design, which shows the unique charm of the brand. The body lines are smooth, and the overall style is simple and atmospheric, which makes people recognize that this is Volvo’s work at a glance. At the same time, XC90 is also equipped with a series of high-end configurations, such as LED headlights and unique taillight design, which makes it more conspicuous when driving at night. In addition, the XC90 also adopts a unique body color and wheel hub design, which makes it more eye-catching in appearance. In a word, the design of Volvo XC90 is full of Nordic style, which is both simple and luxurious and impressive.

Volvo XC90 is a luxury SUV, with a length, width and height of 4953*1958*1778mm and a wheelbase of 2984mm, with smooth body lines and stable overall shape. The specifications of the front and rear wheels are both 275/45 R20, and the tire width is larger, which can provide better grip and stability. The lines on the side of the car are simple and smooth, showing the unique design style of luxury brands.

The interior design of Volvo XC90 is full of Nordic style, simple and generous, with attention to detail and comfort. The steering wheel is made of leather, which supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth, so that drivers can easily find the driving posture that suits them. The 9-inch central control screen has a large size, supports voice recognition control system, and can control functions such as multimedia system, navigation, telephone and air conditioning. The front seat is made of leather, which supports front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment and lumbar support, providing a comfortable riding experience. The co-pilot seat also supports a variety of adjustment methods, including front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment and lumbar support. The front seats are also equipped with heating function, so that drivers can enjoy a comfortable driving experience in cold weather. The rear seats can be tilted in proportion to provide more storage space. In addition, the front and rear rows are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for passengers to charge. Generally speaking, the interior design of Volvo XC90 is very user-friendly, providing many comfortable and convenient configurations, so that drivers and passengers can feel more comfortable driving experience during the journey.

Volvo XC90 is equipped with a 2.0T 250 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 184 kW and a maximum torque of 350 N m.. The car is equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission, which can provide a smooth shifting experience and meet the needs of daily driving. This engine performs well when accelerating, and also has good fuel economy performance, which brings more comfortable driving experience to drivers.

The design of Volvo XC90 has always been one of its highly praised highlights, which has also been confirmed in the evaluation. He/she said that he/she was "absolutely satisfied" with the appearance of XC90, especially the iconic Raytheon Hammer, low-key blue and overall streamlined design, which was very fashionable. In fact, the design of XC90 has always been full of Nordic style and simple aesthetic feeling, and at the same time, it incorporates modern design elements, making people recognize its unique style at a glance. No matter from the details to the whole, the Volvo XC90 shows the exquisite design and care, which brings incomparable driving pleasure and experience to the owners. Therefore, if you are also interested in a luxury SUV with both fashion and personality, Volvo XC90 is undoubtedly a good choice.

BYD Han has a battery life of 605 kilometers and only ran 230 kilometers. Is the battery seriously attenuated? You think wrong!

Recently, with the sharp drop in the national temperature, the old problem that the battery life of electric vehicles has been greatly reduced has begun to appear again, and it has been denounced by the people all over the country on the Internet, involving almost all electric vehicle brands, especially Wuling, MODEL3 and Han, which are in the front row of sales.

Among the numerous crusades, there is a Shanxi netizen whose net name is "Handsome Brother". He broke the news that he bought the Han EV with a long battery life of one and a half months, and only ran for 230 kilometers from full charge to 5% left, which was nearly two-thirds less than the battery life of 605 kilometers.

Judging from the screenshot of the post, the post has a lot of traffic, with 352 likes and 1044 comments. Many people think that the attenuation of power battery actually reaches 62%. The author also thinks this data is incredible. After reading many articles, many people have got the concept wrong.

The author has been focusing on new energy vehicles for many years, and is very aware of the three killers that affect the battery life: battery attenuation, low-temperature activity of batteries, and high power consumption of heating and air conditioning. The battery life of a series of well-known electric vehicles that have been exposed recently is actually caused by the joint action of the three.

First, battery attenuation:

At present, the technology of power battery is very mature, and the attenuation of battery in normal use is actually very low. As long as it is used according to the instructions, the natural attenuation of battery is within the controllable range, and it can almost be used for vehicle scrapping.

Second, the low-temperature activity of the battery is reduced:

The research data show that at 0℃, the capacity of Ferrous lithium phosphate power battery is only 88% of that at 25℃, which is 12% lower. The reason is that power batteries are basically lithium-ion batteries, and the activity of lithium-ion will decrease at low temperature, and the lower the temperature, the lower the activity.

Third, heating and air conditioning power consumption:

Electric vehicles run on power batteries. Apart from the controllable attenuation and activity reduction, the power consumption of heating and air conditioning can be said to be the biggest culprit in reducing the battery life of electric vehicles. Taking the actual measurement by netizens as an example, Han EV heating and air conditioning is used at about 0 degrees, about 4KW/ hour for the first hour and about 2KW/ hour for continuous use.

Understand the above concepts, and then look at the use of Han EV of Shanxi car owner "handsome brother", which is easy to understand.

Some media reported that the owner used heating and air conditioning when driving. This is understandable. In November, the average daily temperature in Shanxi is about 5 degrees. If you don’t turn on the air conditioner, your hands will be stiff.

There is another detail in the post of "Handsome Brother": "I took the car with full electricity at the end of October, and now I have rushed twice, driving a total of 744 kilometers. After reading the posting time, on November 27, everyone should understand.

According to the owner, he charged the battery three times in a month or so, with a total journey of 744 kilometers and an average battery life of 248 kilometers, which is really consistent with the last time he said that he only ran 230 kilometers.

However, I noticed another data: "handsome brother" traveled 744 kilometers a month, with an average of 24.8 kilometers a day. This data is not high, which represents the daily driving of the vast majority of car owners and is basically equivalent to the average daily driving of passenger car owners in China.

So low, judging that "handsome brother" should be an office worker, he goes to and from work every day, four times a day, driving for several kilometers at a time, and 80% is driving in the urban area.

According to the normal driving speed in urban areas, the average speed will generally not exceed 20km/h, that is to say, "Handsome Brother" ran 744km after three times of charging, and the driving time may be as high as 37 hours or more. According to the heating data of Han air conditioner provided by netizens, in the first hour, it consumes about 4KW per hour, and if it keeps driving, it consumes about 2KW/ per hour later.

"Handsome brother" always travels only 24.8 kilometers every day, and the air conditioner will not be turned on for a long time every time, that is, it is in the most power-consuming interval, 4KW/ hour.

The battery life of electric vehicles is calculated by the time, but the air conditioner is not calculated by the time. Han runs 230 kilometers with a full charge of 76KW, and it takes about 9 hours to run in the short distance in urban areas. Only the air conditioner consumes electricity, it will use up 36KW, and then subtract 5% of the battery balance of about 4KW, leaving 36KW for driving. According to the proportional calculation, the normal battery life should be about 286 km.

Because the heating and air conditioning use a lot of electricity, the battery life for real driving is only about 286 kilometers, and then the battery activity is reduced by 12% at a low temperature of about 0 degrees, which is about 250 kilometers, which is basically consistent with the actual measurement of "handsome brother".

At this point, the truth is clear. Whether it is Han EV, MODEL3 or Wuling, the reason why the measured battery life is more than half is not the battery attenuation or the battery activity reduction, but the hot air conditioner is turned on.

Write at the end:

The author has been paying attention to new energy vehicles for many years, and sincerely advises consumers who are going to buy cars. If you don’t have fixed parking spaces and charging piles, it is really not recommended to buy electric vehicles, even for the sake of licenses! If you insist on it, first of all, you will be unhappy and full of complaints. Secondly, it is also a negative harm to the development of new energy vehicles, harming others and yourself.

For car owners with fixed parking spaces and charging piles, it is not a big problem that the battery life is greatly reduced by turning on the air conditioner in winter. After all, the current electric car has a battery life of 500 to 600 kilometers. Even if the air conditioner is turned on all the time, the battery life is enough for most people.

In fact, if you have a fixed parking space and a charging pile, park your car in the garage every night, hang up the charging pile and go home to sleep. This is the correct way to turn on the electric car. If you are used to it, it is really more convenient than refueling. It takes a lot of time to go back and forth to the gas station. Under the current situation of urban traffic jams.

Easy car number author provides articles.

On December 17th, BYD "Qin" went public.

  On the evening of December 17, 2013, BYD’s new plug-in hybrid vehicle Qin was officially released in Beijing. The new car is available in flagship and distinguished models, with a minimum price of 189,800 yuan. As a vehicle driven by gasoline engine and battery, BYD-Qin hybrid mode has an acceleration time of 5.9 seconds, a top speed of 185 km/h and a comprehensive fuel consumption of 1.6L.

  Before the press conference, BYD also organized Qin’s track test activities, in which Qin’s best performance in 0-200 km acceleration was only 7.82 seconds.

  Qin continued the design of the previous concept car, which was bolder and sharper in the body lines, and chrome-plated decoration was added on both sides of the front bumper. The headlight group was equipped with LED daytime running lights and headlights with adjustable lenses. In addition, an oval fog lamp is added to the inside of the bumper. The taillight group is also very novel. In addition to the brand and model identification, there are special signs indicating the identity of its dual-mode electric vehicle.

  In terms of body size, the length/width/height of the car is 4740*1770*1480mm and the wheelbase is 2670mm, which is similar to BYD’s sharp figure.

  BYD Qin’s configuration is very high, and it comes standard with remote driving function. It also adds cloud service, which can realize remote control of vehicles through 3G signals. There are also panoramic images, seat ventilation+heating and even seat memory configurations. In terms of safety, Qin is equipped with 12 airbags in addition to active safety devices such as brake priority system (BOS), ABS+EBD, ESP and tire pressure detection system.

  Qin adopted BYD’s DM parallel mode dual-mode hybrid system, which can be driven by pure electric or gasoline+electric mode.

  The new car is equipped with a 1.5L in-cylinder direct injection+turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 113kw and a maximum torque of 240 N m. In addition, there is a motor with a rated power of 40kW and a maximum power of 110kW to match it. BYD Qin adopted a self-developed 6-speed DCT dual-clutch automatic gearbox in the transmission system.

  In addition, BYD also provides a six-year or 150,000-kilometer long warranty for the whole vehicle and a lifetime free warranty for batteries. The sincere after-sales service policy provides another reason for consumers to choose BYD Qin.

  BYD Qin, which was originally planned to die a month ago, was postponed to this day to cooperate with the introduction of new energy policy. According to the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles, the purchase of BYD Qin will enjoy 35,000 yuan of state subsidies and different degrees of local subsidies. It is estimated that the actual price of "Qin" will be less than 150,000 yuan in most cities. When buying BYD in Shenzhen, the lowest price after enjoying the subsidy is only 119,800 yuan.

Affordable Volvo XC90 is listed! Full-time four-wheel drive, 2.0T hybrid +8AT, tall and mighty only 220,000.

Recently, a medium-sized and large SUV was officially launched at the Beijing Auto Show. This new car is also a large SUV that I particularly liked in the past. It has excellent mechanical literacy and the price is really cheap now. This model is the Lectra 09. The global version of the four-wheel drive is listed this time.

The guide price of this Lexus 09 is 265,800 yuan, and the manufacturer directly gives the price of 235,800 yuan, and there is still a subsidy of about 10,000 yuan at the terminal. The price of bare cars that can basically be sold is 225,800 yuan.

The advantages of the new car are actually very many. The first is the power system, which is equipped with a 2.0T+48V light mixing system and matches the eight-speed automatic manual transmission. More importantly, this Lectra 09 matches the central differential, full-time four-wheel drive, and adopts the front double wishbone independent suspension and the rear multi-link independent suspension system like BMW. The handling properties and mechanical literacy are in place, which is also the main reason why I liked this new car at first. In addition, the new car also has six driving modes, such as off-road, snow, strong dynamic performance, plus hard-core four-wheel drive, which can be very anti-skid

Although the appearance design is tall and powerful, it also has some shortcomings, which is also the main reason why I gave up this new car. As far as the appearance is concerned, the domineering shape is full of masculinity, the all-black appearance shows domineering, the hidden electric door handle, the 19-inch petal-shaped wheel hub and the four exhaust pipes, so the face value can definitely be beaten. In the body data section, the length, width and height of this Lectra 09 are 5042/1977/1780mm and the wheelbase is 2984mm, which is a seven-seat SUV.

The internal design has also been greatly upgraded. In addition to the two screens we saw, the new car has actually upgraded the chip of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 on the new model, and compared with the previous model, it has more Lectra OS N design. The 5G network signal adopted by the new car has active noise reduction function and remote control of the mobile phone, and it is also equipped with L2-level intelligent assisted driving system as standard in the whole system. There are only two kinds of maps: Gaode and Baidu. Automatic parking in place, automatic lane change assistance is readily available. Bluetooth key, card key and panoramic sunroof can be opened, which are also standard in the whole system. In addition, even the seats are equipped with heating, ventilation, massage, memory and boss buttons, and the global version of our four-wheel drive is also available.

So what’s wrong with this Lexus 09? From all aspects, it is actually perfect, with good price, domineering appearance and high intelligence. Why don’t many consumers buy it? The main reason is that it is very similar to the shortcomings of Volvo’s SUV, for example, the space inside the car is very small, and the mute effect inside the car is also very general. In fact, it is understandable, because this Lectra 09 and Volvo XC90 are the same chassis, and their advantages and disadvantages are basically the same.

The attribute is full, and the M5 series in the world can easily handle the car purchase preferences of young people!

        It’s the National Day holiday soon. Coincidentally, this year’s National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival collided, and there was an 8-day holiday. I believe many friends have already made travel plans for this small holiday. However, it is inevitable that high-speed rail and plane tickets will be hard to find every time there is a small holiday. In contrast, go on road trip is a good choice. You can enjoy the travel time and enjoy the driving pleasure. Why not? So when it comes to go on road trip, it is very important to choose a suitable car. Today, I want to talk about the M5 Smart Driving Edition in the world, which is a good "God Car" in go on road trip, and has captured the hearts of many consumers with its "double smart ceiling" and high performance. Don’t believe it? Let’s continue to look down.

Travel is worry-free and convenient, and HUAWEI ADS 2.0 gives strength.

For drivers who don’t often drive at high speed, how to safely merge from the ramp into the main road with dense traffic is a great "test". In view of this, HUAWEI ADS 2.0 equipped with the M5 Intelligent Driving Edition has quite powerful functions. It can help car owners to import and export high-speed ramps independently, with a success rate of 98.86%, and its reliability is comparable to that of skilled and experienced "old drivers".

Many people still don’t park their cars after learning their driver’s licenses. Even with the reversing radar or panoramic images, novice drivers still feel a headache. Don’t panic, the M5 Smart Driving Edition helps novice drivers in all directions, and naturally it won’t ignore the parking problem. Wenjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition can learn independently in the garage environment and build 3D models. After parking in a fixed parking space once, it can enter the parking lot again, and then activate the valet parking assistance function to cruise to the target parking space for parking and warehousing. Based on the multi-sensor fusion perception of lidar+camera+ultrasonic radar+millimeter wave radar, Wenjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition has "the strongest intelligent parking on the surface", which supports parking in conventional vertical, horizontal, oblique and spatial parking spaces, and supports various complex special-shaped parking spaces such as broken roads and extremely narrow parking spaces. The parking success rate is as high as 95%. From then on, novice Xiaobai can easily park in the warehouse.

HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit 3.0 is not only smart but also useful.

It is inevitable that the driver needs to be replaced when traveling for a long time, but once replaced, the seat needs to be readjusted, which is very inconvenient. However, this problem is perfectly avoided in the M5 version. Through the human eye positioning algorithm, Wujie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition is the first in the industry to realize the adaptive adjustment of HUD height. After sitting, you can quickly adjust the HUD to the optimal height, making driving safer and more convenient.

On the other hand, the addition of the rear HUAWEI MagLink magic suction car interface opens up more possibilities and scenarios for users in the car. Passengers in the front and rear rows can have meetings and share content easily, while the front row can also push the content to the back row. Let the M5 Intelligent Driving Edition in the asking world easily become the exclusive study, game hall or meeting room for users.

In fact, a good car that is praised by people will always have inexhaustible advantages. In addition to "double intelligence", the performance is also quite interesting. Wenjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition adopts an all-aluminum chassis unique to millions of luxury cars, which makes the vehicle roll smaller and have greater rigidity, thus improving the handling performance and safety performance. Combined with the front double wishbone+rear multi-link independent suspension, the Wujie M5 intelligent driving version can maintain stability under different driving conditions, effectively prevent roll, and improve driving confidence and ride comfort.

It is worth mentioning that the HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit has also been applied in the M5 standard edition. In addition, the car also has the advantages of long battery life and intelligent extended range technology. It is a good car with a good price-to-price ratio, and it is another good choice at the same level.

With all-round leading intelligent configuration, Wenjie M5 Smart Driving Edition can definitely become the best choice for many young consumers who buy cars for the first time. At the same time, thanks for giving back to the old users’ rights and interests, the community will open a new era of smart travel with super ability and sincerity, and old users can enjoy 15,000 yuan of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 urban smart driving pilot NCA deduction rights and interests.

If you happen to be very interested in the M5 Smart Driving Edition, I suggest you go to the 4S shop to experience this car, and I believe there will be a surprise experience.

Expert: The viewpoint of "highly toxic, short-lived and easy to explode" of network-transmitted lithium battery is too one-sided.

  The widely circulated online articles also questioned lithium batteries, including: lithium batteries are highly toxic, short-lived, explosive and harsh in use conditions; Unable to recycle, resulting in great environmental pressure … … Is this really the case? The "Verification" column of People’s Daily continued to interview many industry experts to explore the truth.

  Lithium batteries are highly toxic and dangerous goods?

  Response: Lithium batteries do not contain toxic substances, and the impact is far less than that of lead-acid batteries.

  "Strictly speaking, lithium-ion batteries and lithium batteries are still conceptually different." Wang Fang, chief expert in the field of power batteries in China Automotive Technology Research Center, secretary-general and senior engineer of battery testing and application technology alliance, said that lithium batteries usually refer to batteries with lithium metal or lithium alloy as the negative electrode and non-aqueous electrolyte. Lithium-ion battery refers to rechargeable secondary battery, the negative electrode does not use metal lithium, and it works by lithium ion moving between the positive and negative electrodes. However, in daily life, people are used to calling lithium-ion batteries lithium batteries or lithium batteries for short.

  It is understood that most of the new energy vehicles promoted in China (including pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles) use lithium-ion batteries, of which Ferrous lithium phosphate accounts for 80%— 90%, ternary lithium batteries have also been widely used in passenger cars.

  In response to the statement that lithium batteries are "highly toxic dangerous goods" pointed out in the online article, Wang Fang refuted that lithium batteries do not produce any toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances such as lead acid, nickel chromium and nickel hydrogen, and are relatively less polluted. And its electrolyte is organic solvent and lithium salt, mostly non-toxic or low-toxic; However, the decomposition or hydrolysis products of lithium batteries are hydrofluoric acid and other fluorine-containing compounds, which are corrosive and toxic.

  Liu Haojie, a researcher-level senior engineer at the 18th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group, said that the lithium-ion battery itself does not contain toxic substances, and the carbon in the negative electrode and the metal oxide in the positive electrode are basically non-toxic. Because lithium-ion batteries belong to a sealed system, they will not be exposed to these substances in normal use. "In any case, its impact is far less than that of the most widely used lead-acid battery at present."

  Lithium batteries have short life and harsh conditions?

  Response: The life of power lithium-ion battery can reach 2000 cycles, and the battery management system can limit "overcharge and overdischarge".

  How long is the current lithium battery life? Will shallow charging and discharging and overcharge and overdischarge affect the safety and life of the battery?

  "There are many factors that determine the service life of power lithium-ion batteries, including the characteristics of the system itself, as well as the manufacturing process and working conditions. A high-quality battery system and scientific system management can achieve a long service life. " Wang Fang said that according to the cut-off condition that the capacity decays to 80% and the discharge depth test of 100%, the life of power batteries can basically reach 2000 cycles.

  "Overcharging and overdischarge means that the voltage of the battery exceeds or falls below the specified cut-off voltage during charging and discharging, which will bring harm to the performance and life of the battery." Wang Fang said, but the BMS battery management system in the battery will limit and protect it. It will limit the charging of the battery at low temperature and recharge it when it is heated to a suitable temperature. Wang Fang said that in order to ensure the safety of lithium-ion batteries, there are a series of safety protection designs from battery cells, modules to battery systems to prevent the batteries from being overcharged and over-cooled, and alarm and protect them in time in case of abnormality.

  It is mentioned in the net that there have been media reports that "Tianjin No.18 Institute has proved that lithium batteries burn and explode in almost all projects such as high temperature and high pressure, puncture and impact, and overcharge and overdischarge".

  In this regard, Liu Yanlong, secretary general of China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, said that at the end of May 2014, the 18th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group was interviewed by the media, but the phenomenon of battery burning and explosion in the program was caused by dismantling the protection circuit according to the requirements of program recording, and then conducting abuse experiments. The main purpose of this experiment is to let users know about the possible dangerous situation of ternary lithium battery without protective measures under abuse conditions.

  "The safety of lithium-ion batteries is theoretically controllable, and most of the safety problems are caused by product defects and abuse." Liu Yanlong said. "But the safety of battery cells, modules and systems alone is not enough to ensure the absolute safety of electric vehicles equipped with lithium batteries." Li Ping, Chairman of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (CATL), introduced the current top Model— S used 7104 Panasonic ternary lithium batteries, and made great efforts in battery safety protection, including setting sensors, being controlled by battery control system, and using a large number of high-strength aluminum alloys and other materials for collision protection. With these safety designs, the probability of safety accidents still reaches one in ten thousand.

  Wang Qinghua, a researcher-level senior engineer at the 18th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group, also pointed out that the products in the electric vehicle battery market are mixed, and the batteries produced by some manufacturers have poor consistency, and the effectiveness of the management system is not very effective. The problem of a single battery will have a certain impact on the overall life of the battery pack. In this regard, Wang Qinghua suggested that the government should improve the corresponding test and verification standards and strengthen the management, supervision and testing of the electric vehicle market.

  Is the pollution of waste lithium batteries uncontrollable?

  Response: Due to relatively small environmental risks, lithium batteries have not been included in hazardous waste management, but the recycling system should be laid out as soon as possible.

  Is there a compulsory recycling policy for lithium batteries at present? Is it true that waste lithium batteries will cause great environmental pressure, as stated in the online article? Wang Fang said that at this stage, waste batteries that are included in hazardous waste management by environmental protection departments include waste cadmium-nickel batteries and waste lead-acid batteries. Disposable batteries, lithium-ion batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, etc. are not included in hazardous waste management because of their relatively small environmental risks.

  However, when waste lithium-ion batteries enter the environment, the electrode materials and electrolyte react with other substances in the environment, such as hydrolysis and oxidation, which may cause heavy metal ion pollution such as nickel, cobalt and manganese, fluorine pollution and some organic pollution. So, can these pollutions be controlled?

  Wang Fang said that for the treatment of lithium-ion batteries, the "Recycling Policy for Power Batteries of Electric Vehicles (2015 Edition)" drafted by the Environmental Protection Department of the National Development and Reform Commission stipulates that wet smelting technology is encouraged to treat waste lithium-ion batteries, and the comprehensive recovery rate of nickel, cobalt and manganese should be no less than 98%. "For the processing technology of lithium-ion batteries, China has always had research teams from universities and conducted cooperation and exchanges with the United States." Wang Fang said.

  On January 8th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Interim Measures for the Administration of Industry Standard Announcement on the Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Power Batteries of New Energy Vehicles (Draft for Comment), which intends to implement dynamic management of enterprises for the comprehensive utilization of waste power batteries of new energy vehicles, and entrust relevant professional organizations to assist in the relevant work of announcement management.

  Hu Shuqing, chief expert and researcher-level senior engineer of China Electronics Science and Technology Corporation, said that for lithium-ion batteries with Ferrous lithium phosphate, lithium manganate and ternary materials with low cobalt content as positive active materials, due to the low commercial value of recycling, enterprises are not interested. The recycling of these used batteries must be issued by the state policy, in order to successfully realize the closed loop of the industry. At present, China has issued some policies and standards, such as the classification of used batteries, storage and transportation norms, and technical policies for pollution prevention and control of solid waste and hazardous waste, but they are not sufficient.

  "The work of recycling lithium-ion batteries should be laid out as soon as possible." Wang Binggang, head of the National 863 Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle Project Supervision and Consulting Expert Group, said that to establish a power battery recycling system, it is necessary to improve battery standardization, establish a code traceability system, implement strict reward and punishment measures, and conduct qualification management for recycling enterprises.

  (Reporter Wang Zheng Zhu Hong)

You don’t need your cell phone number. You think it’s okay to stop? Scared out in a sweat …

  ▌ This article source: Guangzhou Daily, Suzhou Public Security Micro Police, Fuzhou Public Security.

  CCTV News:I don’t need my mobile phone number. Can I just stop it? If you think so, you are all wet!

  The netizen bought a mobile phone card and accidentally found that the former card owner’s Alipay and other information can be known!

  Recently, a message circulated in the circle of friends:

  I helped my son to get a new mobile phone SIM card. As soon as I put it in my mobile phone, it shows that this number has been registered with WeChat (the contact number keeps popping up in the system, asking to add friends), and then I use this mobile phone number to check Taobao and Alipay, all of which are easily entered. Fortunately, I am a good person, otherwise the money in the bank card bound by this person may be inexplicably gone in a blink of an eye … …

  This message came from a netizen named "Noisy Mom". She said that after buying this second-hand mobile phone card, she found that the former card owner used this number to bind too much information. She wants to find the former card owner and untie his bound things. But obviously, it is not possible to call this number again, so where can I find the former card owner?

  Noisy mom searched the Internet for related questions, but who knows that some related "tutorials" jumped out: the mobile phone number is the login name, as long as you bind the mobile phone, and you can also tell you intimately whether this mobile phone is registered with Taobao or Alipay; Don’t know the login password? The system will also tell you what to do if you forget your password. You only need a mobile phone verification code. 

  That is to say, as long as you have your mobile phone number, your account number and password! Give it a try, if you really enter this card owner’s Taobao account, you can see all kinds of information — — Where did you go to college, where did you often receive the goods, where did you live, where did your girlfriend live, where did you go before, and where did you go now … …

  When logging in to Weibo registered with this mobile phone number, even the password is the default, and all the Weibo information that you and others can see is presented one by one, so that you can not only know the life experience of the original card owner, but also know some subtle moods at a glance.

  With this simple method of resetting the password, you can definitely get into Alipay and the bound bank card. As long as you go in, you can control the money inside like a master. Think carefully and be extremely afraid!

  Former card owner: I forgot to untie the number I used in college after changing it.

  "Noisy Mom" found a frequent number through the information on the mobile phone card and tried to call it in the hope of finding the owner of the original number. When I heard the phone call from "Naomao", the other end of the phone was shocked. Soon, the noisy mother got in touch with the original owner of the mobile phone number.

  The former owner of this mobile phone number said that it was used in college. After work, the company gave it a new number, and the old number was no longer used, but I forgot that it was also bound with Weibo, WeChat, Alipay and two bank cards.

  "It’s met a good man! In the process of unbinding, the mobile phone verification code is constantly needed, and the mother keeps sending it. " It took a lot of effort, and the former card owner finally untied Alipay and other software with the help of his mother.

  It turns out that the number you stopped using will be recycled by the sales number and given to others for the second time. If you used it to bind Weibo, WeChat, Alipay, bank card, etc. before and didn’t cancel it, it would be very dangerous! Most people may not realize it.

  Operator: the data bound to other companies cannot be cleaned up after the mobile phone sales number is recovered.

  The customer service staff of the communication operator said that if a mobile phone number is overdue for more than 60 days, it may be recycled, and when it will be released for reuse, the time may be long or short. This is not necessarily the case.

  Why is there so much personal information bound to the recycled SIM card?

  The customer service replied that this is a secondary numbering, and some information related to the operator company will be cleaned up, but there is no way to clean up the information of other companies.

  Introduction: What should I do if my mobile phone is lost or my number is disabled?

  1. Back up the phone book

  Some people have too many important customers in their mobile phone address book, but they neglect it, and they don’t know it’s too late until they throw away their old cards. In addition, it is best to save the old card after replacing the mobile phone card to avoid being used by others.

  2. The mobile phone number does not need to be cancelled in time.

  Some friends directly abandon the old mobile phone card when changing the mobile phone number, thinking that it will automatically close and cancel as long as it is not used. In fact, although it will be automatically cancelled, it will take several months. During this period, the system will automatically deduct the monthly rental fee until it is cancelled. The mobile phone is connected with the user’s credit. Please cancel it in time for future business or banking business.

  3. Change the bank card binding

  After the mobile phone number is changed, it is necessary to modify the passwords of various bank cards and credit cards bound to it as soon as possible. You can also log in to online banking to modify online banking account information and change your mobile phone number. Those who have stopped selling their numbers can only bring their bank cards and ID cards to the business hall of the bank.

  4. Change QQ number and WeChat binding.

  Many people log in to QQ and WeChat directly through their mobile phone numbers. It is recommended to complete rebinding online before changing the mobile phone number.

  5. Change application bindings such as Taobao and Alipay.

  You can change the bound mobile phone number directly from the website. Taking Taobao as an example, changing the new mobile phone number requires the verification code of the original bound mobile phone. If you can’t receive the verification code, you can only apply for email replacement or contact customer service to modify it.

  6. Change the Weibo binding.

  Take Sina Weibo as an example.

  7, change the mailbox binding

  Take Netease mailbox as an example:

  8. Change the registration information of 12306 Ministry of Railways train ticket in official website.

  9. Member information change

  Some supermarket credit cards and daily chemical store credit cards can enjoy discounts by directly saying the mobile phone number and involve points. Please also remember to change it in time.

What is the situation from innovation to subsidizing community group buying?

  The sudden entry of "giants" broke the development rhythm of the whole community group buying track, and the rules of the game changed accordingly. The industry has changed from "innovation" and "implementation" to "capital" and "subsidy". It is not surprising that the life of the same journey has walked out of an inverted "V" trajectory from rise to fall.

  The "giants" are still involved in the track of community group buying, but the startup companies that started first were "conveniently" crushed. On the morning of July 7, Tongcheng Life (now renamed Honey Orange Life), a community group buying platform, officially declared bankruptcy. According to the reporter, its founder, chairman and CEO He Pengyu was still talking with suppliers that night. During more than four hours of talks, he shed tears several times and promised to try his best to pay off his debts, but there was nothing he could do.

  Tongcheng Life is not the first enterprise to declare bankruptcy in the community group buying circuit, but its bankruptcy was called "the first case of bankruptcy in community group buying" by the media because of its high popularity, which caused a shock in the industry.

  Why is the same life "sudden death"? What is the situation of community group buying now? The reporter interviewed some people familiar with the matter.

  From innovation to subsidies.

  The usual reason for a company’s bankruptcy is poor management, but living together — — This company, which was established in January 2018 and belongs to Suzhou Fresh Orange Technology Co., Ltd., is obviously not included here. From He Pengyu’s internal letters to employees and suppliers, we can clearly see the inverted "V" trajectory of Tongcheng life from its rise to its rapid "fall". According to He Pengyu’s open letter, it only took about a year and a half. "Tongcheng Life has achieved a front-end performance and entered a benign development stage."

  At that time, Tongcheng Life was still the star of the community group buying track, which was recognized by many investment institutions. According to reports, in 2019, Tongcheng Life received four consecutive rounds of financing, ranging from tens of millions of yuan to 100 million US dollars. In June 2020, Tongcheng Life announced that it had completed the $200 million Series C financing. According to public reports, it was valued at about $1 billion before bankruptcy, and it can be regarded as a small and beautiful startup company.

  In recent two years, the community group buying model developed from fresh e-commerce has rapidly developed into a new format of e-commerce industry, which provides a new way to promote agriculture and enrich farmers and attract flexible employment in cities and towns, and also attracts a large number of entrepreneurial teams. Ten Hui Tuan, Xingsheng Youxuan and Tongcheng Life are the three fastest teams, which were once called "the third group" by the outside world.

  However, the booming community group buying market has also attracted "giants" to enter the market. Since September, 2020, Ali, Meituan, Didi, Pinduoduo and others have offered "big killers" of price wars, and "buying food for one cent" has become popular, even the vendors in the vegetable market have felt the pressure.

  The sudden entry of "giants" broke the development rhythm of the whole community group buying track, and the rules of the game changed accordingly. The industry has changed from "innovation" and "implementation" to "capital" and "subsidy".

  According to the reporter’s understanding, in the face of the sudden crisis of survival, Tongcheng Life has also struggled, and at the same time, it has also sought capital mergers and acquisitions. It has discussed the acquisition intentions with JD.COM, Ali, ByteDance, Meituan, etc., and even a team has settled in due diligence, but in the end it failed due to changes in the wind direction of the industry.

  Li Ming (pseudonym), a former executive of Tongcheng Life, told the reporter, "At the end of June, Tongcheng Life also hoped to get better business data by increasing marketing efforts, and then obtain a ‘ Giant ’ The olive branch of the merger, but unfortunately it was rejected again. Later, due to the expiration of brand authorization, executives decided to start renaming and strategic transformation to make a comeback. Regrettably, at this time, suppliers began to concentrate on collecting money, which eventually led to the break of the capital chain. "

  At present, community group buying is still in the stage of rapid expansion and growth. Meituan (Meituan Optimization), Pinduoduo, Didi (Orange Heart Optimization) have occupied the head position, and Xingsheng Optimization and Ten Clubs have also been incorporated by JD.COM and Ali. After Tongcheng Life left, community group buying has become a game for "giants".

  After the shopping, it was a huge loss in the industry.

  The industry is not surprised by the fall of Tongcheng life. After the community group-buying track entered the era of "giants", it became the norm to fight for prices and head rebates, and no one could achieve positive benefits in the short term, while the service innovation and experience innovation at the customer end came to a standstill, and the internal consumption of the whole industry was serious.

  It is understood that the current profit rate of the community group buying industry has rapidly declined from profit to loss. Li Ming revealed that before the "giant" entered the market (before September 2020), the monthly sales of a platform with a volume like Tongcheng Life ranged from 800 million yuan to 1.2 billion yuan, and the gross profit was around 20%. After the "giants" entered, with the huge subsidies to consumers and the competition for "heads", the monthly revenue of the platform dropped by more than 80%, and the gross profit directly turned negative, and the whole community group buying market further slipped into the mire of losses in the whole industry.

  The regulatory authorities have repeatedly taken measures to curb this crazy involution under the disorderly expansion of capital. In December 2020, the General Administration of Market Supervision and the Ministry of Commerce organized an administrative guidance meeting to regulate the order of community group buying, with the participation of six Internet platform enterprises, including Alibaba, Tencent, JD.COM, Meituan, Pinduoduo and Didi. At the meeting, the "nine no’s" of community group buying were put forward. In March this year, the operators behind five community group buying platforms, including Meituan Youxuan (Shenzhen Meituan Youxuan Technology Co., Ltd.), were fined 1.5 million yuan for alleged unfair price behavior.

  But this still failed to curb the expansion of the "giants". On the one hand, they continue to steal similar "1 cent" activities, on the other hand, they seize the terminal market by greatly increasing the commission rewards and subsidies of "heads". Li Ming said that at present, the rewards and subsidies given by several giants to the "heads" of community group buying terminals have reached the highest level of 15% to 18%, basically subsidizing the platform’s own income. This is irrational competition and is suspected of disguised price war.

  On July 8, the reporter inquired about some community group buying platforms, which not only had the activity of "sending 15 eggs in 5 days", but also had 1.25 yuan a catty of sand sweet potatoes and 0.99 yuan a red heart pitaya. On the community fresh-keeping platform, the single pitaya with red heart is from 4 yuan to 5 yuan, and the sweet potato in sandy land costs 5 yuan a catty, which is much higher than the community group buying platform.

  Behind the shopping price and subsidies is the huge loss of the whole industry. According to public reports, in the first quarter of this year, the adjusted net loss of Meituan reached 3.892 billion yuan, and the investment of Meituan in community group buying business was about 10 billion yuan, which is expected to reach 20 billion yuan this year. In the first quarter, Pinduoduo’s gross profit dropped to 49.74%, and Pinduoduo invested about 6 billion yuan in buying more vegetables, and will increase investment in 2021.

  Suppliers are affected by the mess.

  From the booming performance to being forced to declare bankruptcy and exit, the collapse of Tongcheng Life is not only regrettable, but also left a chicken feather.

  In the early morning of July 8, He Peng Yu issued an open letter through his personal circle of friends, proposing three solutions to the bankruptcy of Tongcheng Life: to protect the rights and interests of all creditors to the maximum extent within the scope of law; Make every effort to preserve the existing assets, hand them over to the court for proper sealing and disposal, actively cooperate with the government’s guidance, and pay off the debts with the company’s assets; If the assets are not enough to pay off the debts, He Pengyu promises to start a business again. "I will record every debt clearly and try my best to repay the debts."

  It is also known that on July 8, Tongcheng Life issued a repayment plan for the supplier before starting the bankruptcy liquidation procedure. It had already paid the salary for employees in June and promised to pay social security for employees in the future.

  Although the entrepreneurial team of Tongcheng Life tried its best to make up for it, there were still many vegetable farmers, small vendors and even large and medium-sized suppliers who failed to get the payment on time.

  Since 2019, an animal husbandry company has cooperated with Tongcheng Life to supply eggs, and it has been owed nearly 800,000 yuan. After the crisis of Tongcheng life broke out, Mr. Wang, the person in charge of the company, came to ask for arrears. "There are hundreds of egg farmers behind me, so I have to go to the door to collect debts."

  According to the latest situation, on July 8, Tongcheng Life has started to repay some of its suppliers’ debts in advance, and the rest will be distributed by the court after the bankruptcy liquidation procedure is started. At present, the work is still in progress in an orderly manner.

  As of the morning of July 9, more than 600 suppliers have reached repayment agreements with Fresh Orange Technology, and the money mainly comes from the loan raised by He Pengyu and the team.

  On July 9, Mr. Wang booked a return ticket with the repayment agreement. But next time, if the community group buying platform collapses again, can suppliers be so lucky?