Eleven new cars that can be bought in December

December has come, which means that the year is approaching, and the auto market will also usher in a wave of car buying climax. So let’s see, what new cars are worth buying in December?

Xingrui L (13.17 ~ 152.7 thousand)

Xingrui is more familiar than everyone else, and the performance of the whole product is still remarkable. It’s not that its brother Xingrui L is about to appear in front of everyone as a new energy source.

On the basis of car design, this car combines modern design and is more avant-garde. The hybrid energy type of oil and electricity can be oil and electricity, which not only saves fuel but also is quite full of power. The performance of power is not bad, the three-speed dual-motor drive, with an acceleration of about 7 seconds, is still quite powerful.

And the price is 131,700, which is good for daily use.

Song l (220000 ~ 280000)

BYD has made great achievements in the field of new energy, and the newly launched Song L attracts the attention of consumers with its excellent appearance and excellent product coefficient.

Compared with other models of BYD, this car has a stronger sense of high-class, a good sense of lines, and a good sense of low-lying, which leads to a sense of movement. This car has a maximum of 517 horsepower and 380Kw power, and the fastest acceleration is 4.3 seconds.

Of course, it has a good sportiness, and its household attributes have not fallen at the same time. The wheelbase of 2930mm makes the space more than enough for home use, and with a large area of soft packages, it is warm and comfortable, and the ride is quite good.

Chery icar03 (14.00 ~ 190,000 yuan)

From its appearance, this car knows that it focuses on a differentiated, square appearance, a horizontal and vertical shape with a good light off-road style, and a sharp cutting light group is like the finishing touch, and the sense of advanced is self-evident.

The large-screen crystal-cut knob suspended on the interior shifts gears, giving the interior a good luxury style. I believe this car will be well received in the young people’s market.

This car is equipped with a solar charging system in addition to the lithium iron phosphate battery in Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, and its endurance will be more eye-catching.

Red flag hs3 (1458 ~ 195800)

The success of Hongqi HS5 is obvious to all, and its brother, Hongqi HS3, a compact SUV, has also been listed soon this year.

Although the size of the car body is smaller than that of HS5, its wheelbase of 2770mm can still ensure that the interior space will have a good performance. At the same time, the design of interior contrast color is still slightly advanced.

The appearance also continues the domineering spirit of the Red Flag HS5. The atmospheric net, fancy wheels and penetrating taillights complement each other.

Recently, there are more than 10 thousand discounts on the terminal, and the price/performance ratio is good.

Elantra n (249.8 ~ 263.8 thousand)

If you want a car with strong sports attributes, then this car can be worth seeing.

The flat and low-lying body is full of impact. Many details of the blackening treatment make the fighting sense of the whole vehicle full. The interior is decorated with a large area of suede, and the red button of NGS can increase the horsepower by 10 horses. The classic racing-like handbrake mode makes the racing style come out when you get into the car.

2.0T engine, 276 horsepower, 392N.m peak torque, zero hundred acceleration for more than 5 seconds, it is somewhat reluctant to describe it with a small steel gun.

Mg Cyberster (319,800 ~ 359,800)

If there has always been a dream of super-running in my dream, then this sports car released by MG in November can be regarded as a sports car worth starting in the price range of 300,000.

The design of the whole car is still avant-garde and even has some bold, downward-pressed front, a strong sense of design hood rib line, a sense of strength and sportiness.

The interior is also very popular with young people. The three embracing screens have a sense of science and technology that is not outdated at all. The use of a large number of suede and the advanced interior color matching make the luxury wind drift freely. Of course, the most popular thing is his liftable roof, and the tonality is not lost to any other big name.

Of course, strong power is an essential part of this car. The maximum motor horsepower is 544, the power is 400Kw, and the acceleration is 3.2 seconds.

Era ES (24.80 ~ 358,000)

As Chery’s brand focusing on the mid-to-high-end market, Xingtu brand has been placed high hopes, which has not only made achievements in the domestic market, but also flourished abroad.

This car is expected to be launched in December. Although it is a medium-sized and large car, its overall line structure is quite good. The whole big slip back is even worse than A7. The lighting group that runs through the front and back creates a sense of high-level overall light language.

Of course, its endurance is its absolute advantage as a medium and large pure tram, with a maximum endurance of 905Km, and many extended-range models are equivalent to it. And it also supports high-voltage fast charging, which is quite convenient to use.

Tesla Model 3 (26.14 ~ 297,400)

Yet we called and urged a thousand times before she started toward us, the new Tesla Model 3 was officially launched in September this year.

Compared with the old model, there have been subtle changes in many places, but it is the accumulation of these subtle changes that make the whole new model different.

The sharpness of the flat front of the car has increased a lot, and it is a vigorous momentum. The drag coefficient is 0.22CD, which has a good improvement effect on its acceleration and endurance.

Especially the battery life, the rear drive version has been upgraded to 606km, and the four-wheel drive version has been upgraded to 713km. This data is still worthy of recognition.

In addition, in terms of interior decoration, the surrounding ambience lights, independent screens in the back row, and fur-turned material decoration have improved the overall ambience.

Feifan F7 (189,900 ~ 309,900)

The performance of Feifan F7 since its listing is still relatively ideal at least for the moment. As a new car just launched in March this year, it is still good to keep its monthly sales at around 2,000.

However, it is not difficult to find that in the field of medium and large cars, the price of Feifan is still very competitive, the entry price is around 190,000 yuan, but it brings you a wheelbase of 3000mm, a five-year warranty of 120,000 kilometers, 6.7 seconds of zero acceleration, 11 radars, intelligent assisted driving of RISING PILOT, 8155 Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, OTA upgrade and other advanced configurations, and the price-performance ratio is still very good.

It is worth mentioning that this car owner is still playing a comfort. The main and co-pilots can support multiple electric adjustments, and the second row can also support angle adjustment, which is very friendly to the passengers. The experience of 16 speakers and headrest audio is still difficult to see in other models.

Gaohe hiphi y (33.90 ~ 459,000)

I think everyone knows the style of Gaohe. The design is bold, avant-garde, and the mecha style is rich. The key point is that the price is not cheap.

HiPHi Y is a new product of Gaohe, and it is also the cheapest one among all its models, but it feels that its design can fit the aesthetics of the public. This car is relatively dignified, but the digital light group in front still shows its good sense of technology and advanced sense. That pair of small flying wings also shows the essence of high cooperation, and the sense of advanced must be grasped in place. The interior is still relatively young. The three big screens are the main characters of the whole, and they are equipped with NVIDIA Orion-X chips. The overall exquisiteness is also reflected in the subtle design, such as the multi-function steering wheel designed by game buttons, metal chrome-plated exquisite decoration and so on.

Hechuang V 09 (318,800 ~ 438,800)

Now the market of MPV is extremely hot, which I believe is obvious to all, and various car companies have invested in this field.

The MPV of Hechuang V09 is still worth seeing. It has a visual sense of Erffa in appearance, but it has many trendy elements and looks younger. The unique front face is unconventional, and the recognition is still outstanding in MPV.

The center console is surrounded in the interior, and three large screens are also the mainstream design now. Fortunately, the decoration of the wooden plaque gives the whole a good and elegant feeling. The wheelbase of 3170mm and the design of 7 seats are also the utilization rate of golden space.