Zhihu 34,000 likes: How terrible can it be to have culture?

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There is a topic of concern to more than 2.6 million people in Zhihu:How terrible can literacy be?

Answer @artemis ma told a story, which won 34,000 praises:

After retirement, an old professor and his wife signed up for a sunset tour group to travel, but they were dragged into a shopping store dedicated to the elderly by the tour guide, and there was a tendency not to buy or give it out.

The old professor had to wander around until he came to a camera counter.

At first glance, the little sister at the counter was another gullible old man, so she was ready to start fooling.

That would be around 2000, before the popularity of digital cameras, and it was still fresh for many young people, let alone for the elderly.

Little sister at the counter: "You haven’t seen a digital camera, have you?"

Professor: "Yes."

Little sister at the counter: "My photos are clearer than those you have seen ~"

Professor: "Is this cmos or ccd?"

Little sister said with a puzzled expression, "I don’t understand what C is. It’s right to shoot it more clearly than those. Don’t compare it blindly if you don’t buy it."

The old professor laughed and left.

In fact, the old professor didn’t mean to make things difficult. He just heard that the photo effect was very clear and wanted to know the details. I didn’t expect the unprofessional counter girl to ask questions.

For this little sister at the counter, a literate person is terrible.

However, a truly literate person is more than just knowing more knowledge.

Their vision, pattern and way of thinking all determine that they are destined to live a different life from others.

Some time ago, I saw a news that a small county in Hefei had cracked a health care product fraud case, and more than 10 thousand elderly people were deceived.

None of the more than 10,000 elderly people reported the case. Even when the police come to collect evidence, the old man is unwilling to admit that he has been cheated …

Why are some old people cheated without knowing it? In fact, it is a question of thinking mode.

They always feel that their children are busy with work, even people are not at home, and they are neglected to take care of themselves. It is not as good as these sales representatives who sell health care products, not only eager to chat, but also can be on call.

In their view, these kind sales representatives are the people who really care about themselves. They sell things to themselves and really want to be healthy.

But in fact, people with a little cost thinking can see through the scam at a glance.


How do educated people see through fraud through cost thinking?

First of all, they know that those sales representatives have to support their families themselves, and it is costly to spend so much time chatting with, helping and even taking care of the elderly every month.

Just look at how much it costs to find a nanny, and you will know how much money each of them must earn from the elderly every month.

Secondly, sales representatives can’t sell a copy by knocking on a door, so the cost of those failed sales promotion should be counted on these old people. They are kind to the elderly, in fact, they are staring at the little money in the old man’s pocket.

Finally, talk about the difference between taking medicine and taking health care products.

If you see a doctor in a hospital, not to mention that doctors are somewhat bound by medical ethics, they should seriously treat patients and save lives for their own promotion. Even the current medical troubles make them very careful when they see a doctor.

Because of the high cost of their mistakes, they are more trustworthy.

What’s wrong with eating health care products? Those sales representatives have no place to find them when they run away. In other words, the cost of their mistakes is very low.

With such a thought, we can know why many seemingly unreasonable things have happened.

I once saw someone ask on the Zhihu:At what moment did you suddenly find reading really useful?

The pigeon who asked for food said that once he went to eat, because it was early and he was the only customer, the boss casually asked, "Is Qin Shihuang the worst emperor?"

The answer to the Lord said very seriously: "Qin Shihuang has made outstanding achievements, implementing three public offices and nine ministries and managing state affairs." The enfeoffment system was abolished locally and replaced by the county system. At the same time, the books were written in the same language, and the cars were on the same track. unified measurement. Attacking Xiongnu in the north, conquering Baiyue in the south, building the Great Wall of Wan Li, building Lingqu, and communicating the water system.

It also pushed China into the era of great unification and created a new situation for the establishment of authoritarian centralization of authority. It has a far-reaching impact on China and the history of the world, laying the basic pattern of China’s political system for more than 2,000 years. He was praised by Li Zhi, a thinker of the Ming Dynasty as’ an emperor through the ages’ … "

The boss said "Oh".

After dinner, the boss resolutely refused to accept money and gave away half a catty of beef.

I think this must be only a small part of the benefits that the Lord has gained from reading. The real use of reading is obviously more than this little kindness.

In September this year, Hubei Daily official micro-announced that Jiang Kui, a 2019 doctor majoring in computer science and technology from the School of Computer Science of Wuhan University, was selected into Huawei’s "Genius Teenager" program with an annual salary of 2.01 million.

Jiang Kui, born in 1994, is still a teenager under 27 years old.

At the same time, he not only received an invitation from Huawei, but also the competition between Ali and Tencent.

In the end, he chose Huawei because he preferred Huawei’s corporate culture.

People who are capable get high returns from society and the market.


In recent years, many celebrity training courses have been opened in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, including gender relations, tea tasting, flower arrangement, etiquette, equestrian, wine tasting and so on.

These training courses are under the names of "First Lady" and "Queen of Gas Field", and they enroll students for the society.

Enrollment targets are mainly entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs’ wives.

Most of these wives have no worries about food and clothing and live a leisurely life. In order to look more elegant, they are willing to spend a lot of money. ?

The same training classes, and for children.

The training class abruptly created a "Celebrity Life Guide", claiming that it can make children "from women to goddesses, from ordinary to extraordinary."

Therefore, they teach their children how to dress, how to drink afternoon tea, how to socialize at dances, how to eat western food, etc., just to make these children behave like noble ladies as much as possible.

And the real noble lady, where is such a superficial packaging?

Their own elegance and connotation come from years of accumulation.

For example, Zhang Yuanhe, Zhang Yunhe, Zhang Zhaohe and Zhang Chonghe, the four sisters of the Zhang family in Hefei, studied China’s traditional poems and essays since childhood, and their father invited famous Kunqu teachers to teach them Kunqu opera.

Sometimes when the four sisters are happy, they will have a competition on the same stage. ?

It is said that there was always a euphemistic and beautiful Kunqu opera from the Zhang family at that time, with a lingering sound that was extremely beautiful.

A real celebrity is not amazing in appearance or noble in birth, but elegant and generous in both internal and external cultivation.

Only those with cultural background can be called celebrities, and those with empty skins can only be social flowers.

A literate person, even if he is ugly and humble, naturally exudes unique charm.

The culture I understand is not only a vast amount of knowledge, but a spiritual temperament composed of experience, vision, common sense and way of thinking.

Of course, in this process, the amount of knowledge is the foundation. At least you have to read some books and try to understand the knowledge in several fields.

As the saying goes:

When we were children, we ate a lot of food, but now we can’t remember what we ate.

But what is certain is that some of them have grown into our bones and flesh.

By the same token, a book that a person has read carefully has already melted into his soul and precipitated into wisdom and emotion. As long as it is touched, it will burst out.


2 pieces of advice to make you a literate person:

① Read more classics..

Classics are books that are still worth reading at present and in the future after being screened and eliminated by time.

Classic works generally have two characteristics:

First, it can stand the test of the strictest filter of time, which is the essence and core index..

A man knows his companion in a long journey and a little inn. Anything that has been experienced for a long time and its value has not been consumed has the conditions to become a classic.

Second, it has high originality, uniqueness, foundation and cognitive depth..

Therefore, even if the time and space change dramatically, we can revisit it again and again anyway, and each reading can inspire us. The text itself, explaining the point of view, the two interact endlessly, just like life is endless.

People have limited time in their lives and can’t read many books. The average person’s reading volume is in the order of thousands.

We can read for leisure, but we have to arrange enough time to read for improving our cognitive ability.

The reason is that with high-quality input, it is possible to have high-quality output and accelerate growth.

Therefore, classics must be included in your reading list.

② Be a lifelong learner..

I don’t know if you have this feeling. After a long period of training in society, you gradually realize the truth: the more you read when you are young, the more people you have experienced, and the wider your horizons and the bigger your pattern when you grow up.

He can think deeper about the same topic than you, and he can quickly find the key to the same problem. Wang Guowei called this realm of wisdom the third realm of university questioners.

To achieve such a state, we must devote ourselves to becoming a lifelong learner.

Learn a little every day and make a little progress every day. With the accumulation of time, you can gradually see your own changes and open the gap with others.