Just after the auspicious day of Wenchang Yaojun, I have prepared some gift boxes to help me study with wisdom and intention, and recommend the Plus version.

Original title: Just after the auspicious day of Wen Chang Xi Jun, I have prepared some gift boxes to help me study smartly and attentively, and recommend the Plus version.

In southern Fujian and Taiwan Province, Wen Chang has always been highly regarded, and everyone knows that he is the master in charge of the examination and writing of subjects, and he is a scholar who pays special attention to the title of subjects. The above pictures were taken by me earlier when I visited Wen Kui and Wenchang in Longshan Temple, Taipei, and they were also for the guests who married Wenchang.

Every year, the third day of the second month of the lunar calendar is the spring festival in Wenchang’s ceremony, and it is also one of the particularly good days to read books twice a year.One is on the third day of February, and the other is on the first day of August, which are auspicious days for you in Wenchang.)。

As in previous years, after the Spring Festival in Wenchang, San, in early February of the lunar calendar, some [Wenchang Kui] were also prepared for limited release to fans or their families who need to study more/learn their luck well in the coming year to protect your efforts.

People often ask, who can ask for education?

All kinds of students, company employees, and corporate employees can choose, and try their best to improve their intelligence and study smoothly. In addition to general academic evaluation, industry professional evaluation and workplace rating evaluation can all help (including small university, foreign language, and industry employees’ evaluation)

In the past, old customers always urged me to try my luck. Since it was launched, I have received quite a lot of positive feedback from to be no.1. I will briefly talk about three cases that benefited from Wenchang Daiwei and Wenchang Luojun:

In case A, an old man came to my guest for his own feelings, and he was preoccupied with his nephew’s future. My nephew lingered in the last third of the class before his graduation. At that time, he chose an auspicious time after 1: 00 a.m. to arrange Wenchang for her, but she gritted her teeth and did it anyway. Later, my nephew successfully got a copy.

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